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ABIB Skincare

ABIB is a Korean beauty brand that pursues pure, high quality and minimalistic products that are perfect to use for all skin types. You may be wondering, what does ABIB mean? Abib stands for ‘first moon’, which reflects its promise to restore your skin’s prime and natural complexion through the incorporation of perfect and pure cosmetics from the start of your skincare journey.

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Beautiful Skincare with Natural Ingredients

Abib skincare believes that ‘the only way to perfection is endless experiments’ which shows their dedication and commitment to continuously innovate and revolutionise Korean skincare products to suit the modern needs of its customers.

The brand's main goal is to assist the skin cycle back to its natural, prime condition with their dedication to perfection and purity to their product range.

With their advanced scientific processing methods, Abib cosmetic is able to extract the potent healing power of natural plant-based ingredients to maximise its performance in boosting the skin’s self-regeneration ability, slowing down the premature aging process and strengthening the barrier to increase its resilience against external environmental stress.

Apart from its excellent product quality with minimal ingredients of the highest quality, Abib puts a high priority on its product stability by using containers or simple packaging that can protect the products against oxidation or damage. After conducting rigorous research and experimentation, Abib has successfully determined the best type of packaging that prevents chemical reactions to their skincare formula, thereby maintaining its effectiveness when used on the skin. In addition, Abib's skincare packaging is sustainable, ethically sourced and has a minimalistic, yet stylish design. You can get the BONIIK range of Abib skincare with free shipping on all orders over $55 today.

Is ABIB cruelty-free?

ABIB is cruelty-free skincare and is currently in the process of obtaining its certification for being a cruelty-free and ethical Korean skincare brand.

Sheet Masks

Abib Australia is well known for their gentle yet potent Korean mask sheets. Each sheet mask is made with one ‘hero’ ingredient in the form of a watery serum, and a lightweight bamboo type mask sheet is soaked in it. This special sheet mask is known as ALBAM, which stands for Albumin and Bamboo. Applying this ALBAM sheet mask, it adheres well to help increase absorption of the essence. The ph-balanced formula effectively of this product type delivers nutrients to restore hydration, provide antioxidant effects and maintain elasticity for long durations.

How to use Abib?

Ingredients focused on perfection and purity, Abib can be used by almost any skin type. To ensure that you reaps the most benefit out of Abib skincare products, we recommend using the entire skincare line as part of your daytime and nighttime beauty routine. If you are new to the brand, you can easily try by purchasing an Abib sheet mask which is available in many different varieties to suit your skin type.

If you are in for a new facial cleanser that can help banish skin troubles, Abib Acne Foam Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that can be used on sensitive, acne-prone skin. Made with Heartleaf or Houttuynia Cordata, this soothing, mild foam cleanser works by refining pores, controlling excess sebum and leaving you feeling fresh and moist.

Shop Abib Brand at BONIIK

With Abib’s long-standing commitment to delivering the highest quality, natural skincare products, the brand offers a reliable range that you can add to your daily Korean skincare routine.

Shop Abib Australia at BONIIK, your Korean beauty destination offering a one-stop service to get everything your skin needs to stay youthful and healthy. We have a wide selection of beauty, skincare and makeup products for all skin types and skin concerns, and you can shop Abib cosmetics online or in-stores. We offer free shipping over all $55 orders across Australia.