SIORIS - The Pioneers of Modern, Fresh Skincare

What if you could lie down on a bed of fresh fruits, flowers and plants, maybe put on noise cancelling headphones and enjoy the calm, peaceful feeling of nature? A perfect break from a hectic city life, as we like to call it. Did you know, this new brand at BONIIK is about to give your skin a replica of that experience with its promise of delivering Simple and Original skincare products to nourish your skin? Have you guessed which brand we are talking about?

SIORIS stands for ‘Simple’ and ‘Original’ which outlines the brand’s promise and unrelenting dedication to continuously innovate and deliver the freshest, cleanest and purest skincare products using the most simple ingredients derived originally from nature. SIORIS’ products use organic green plum water as its main ingredient, along with various other fresh fruits and plants that are harvested during its peak freshness and sourced from local, unpolluted farms in Korea. Let's find out more about the unrivaled benefits of fresh skincare products for your skin!


 SIORIS A Calming Day Ampoule is a smooth, lightweight ampoule that delivers calming and soothing effects to the skin. Formulated with Omija fruit which is known for its potent antioxidant contents to replenish hydration, nourish and firm skin for revitalized, fresh and youthful-looking complexion. This ampoule can also be mixed into your daily moisturiser for extra hydration and to alleviate redness or irritation, leaving the skin supple and comfortable.

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