KLAIRS Sunscreen Refund | Australia

Our Dearest Beauty Lovers,

In December 2020 we received a notification from Dear Klairs (KLAIRS) that there was an inquiry about the SPF level of their sunscreens. As a result of this, these products were temporarily suspended while rigorous testing is being conducted to ensure that they fit the global standard. Due to the lack of an internationally recognised Sun protection standard, the level of sun protection that is considered 'acceptable' varies from one country to another. As such, KLAIRS felt responsible for the situation and conducted in-depth testing of their sunscreen.

We have now received an official update regarding the sun protection standard which has been tested with ISO and FDA standards. It has been found that KLAIRS Soft Airy UV Essence and KLAIRS Mid Day Blue UV Shield have SPF that is lower that what is stated on its packaging. Therefore, KLAIRS will be issuing a refund to its customers who have purchased Soft Airy UV Essence and/or Mid Day Blue UV Shield from KLAIRS official retailers in Australia.

Please refer to the following terms and conditions of the refund request.

Eligible items: KLAIRS Soft Airy UV Essence and KLAIRS Mid Day Blue UV Shield

Purchase Period: until January 2021

Refund Period: 3 May 2021 - 2 June 2021


  1. Proof of purchase from an official retailer (please refer to the list below) attached to the refund form*. These can be in the form of a receipt that shows the product name, price and quantity purchased. If you purchased the products through our physical stores, you will need to send an email to receive a refund, not from the stores.

*The file cannot be directly edited. Please download the refund form by pressing 'File', 'Download', 'Microsoft Word' and fill all fields.

Refunds will not be made for customers who have returned the products and received a credit note.

  1. Refund process will only be attended through email. Please only email to inquiry@boniik.com.au . We DO NOT accept or process refund requests through our social media, customer service email or physical stores.

  2. Refunds can only be obtained if the products were purchased from official retailers. If they were purchased elsewhere that is not indicated on the list below, unfortunately no refund will be made
  • Look Fantastic Australia
  • Ry.com.au
  • OZ Hair and Beauty
  • Lila Beauty
  • Cosme Hut
  • KBeauty Australia
  • Let's Face it
  • Keoji
  • Kanvas
  1. Refund process will take about 2 weeks, after the application has been received and confirmed. An email will be sent out when the refund has been made.


On behalf of KLAIRS, we would like to thank you for your kind understanding, patience and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at inquiry@boniik.com.au.


With love,



Disclaimer: Please be vigilant about online scams, we will NEVER ask you to provide credit card information. KLAIRS reserves the rights to make changes to the terms above without prior notice. All requirements above must be met in order to receive refunds. Purchases made from stores or websites outside from those on the list will not be eligible for a refund. Claims for refunds can only be made between 4 May 2021 until 2 June 2021 11:59pm AEST. Any claims for refunds made outside the period stated will not be accepted.