Types of Korean face powder

Korean face powder Australia is not created equal despite having the same formulation from one another. The two types of Korean face powders are as follows:


  • Loose Powder: Loose powder is a type of face makeup that can be swept onto the skin easily thanks to its finely milled texture that contains fewer oils. They are ideal for those with oilier skin as the powder can help absorb excess sebum and prevent shine.
  • Compact Powder: Compact or pressed powders work similarly to loose powder, except they come in firm, pressed packaging with more oils in them. With a pressed powder, they can be applied using a powder puff by gently pressing or rolling the sponge onto your skin.


Within the categories of loose and compact powders, there are few commonly found types of face powders.


  • Setting Powder: Setting powders are formulated to set your makeup in place, preventing it from rubbing off or smudging. It also ensures that your makeup stays fresh for longer durations by controlling excess sebum, hydration levels and minimizing oxidation. Setting powders can come in the form of a loose or compact formula.
  • Translucent Powder: Translucent powders, just like their name, acts like a second-skin-like veil that goes over your liquid-based makeup such as liquid foundations in order to allow for the smooth application of powder-based products. By using translucent powder, powder-based makeup products will apply smoothly and easily without causing harsh lines or too much colour.
  • Powder Foundation: Powder foundations are great alternatives to liquid or cushion foundations as they provide higher levels of coverage to conceal blemishes and imperfections. They generally come in the form of pressed powders that can be applied using a soft makeup sponge and gently pressed or rolled onto the skin for maximum adherence.
  • Powdered Coloured Makeup: Powdered colour makeup like blush, contour powder and highlighter all fall under the category of face powder because of their formulation. They are applied just before setting makeup, to give your overall look extra dimension.


How to use Korean face powder


Korean face powders are used in different steps of your makeup routine depending on the type of powder. The best way to use Korean face powder Australia is to apply is using a fluffy, soft-bristled brush, or using a powder flocked powder puff. The use of these tools will help give your skin a soft and smooth finish with buildable coverage that will not appear too thick or cakey. Apart from that, it allows you to evenly distribute the product all over your face and neck, leaving an airbrushed-looking finish.


Start your makeup routine after applying proper skincare. Follow with makeup primer, foundation or BB/CC Cream of your choice as well as concealer or corrector as needed, and ensure that it blends well into your skin. Once your foundation has slightly dried, you may lightly dust translucent face powder before applying powder blush, contour powder and highlighter. Finally, set your makeup with a setting face powder to prevent makeup from smudging or rubbing off.


Foundation face powders can be used as an alternative to your liquid or cushion foundation to give your skin a smooth and evenly toned complexion. If you choose to apply powder foundation, you can immediately move on to coloured makeup without the need to dust translucent powder, and simply finish by setting it with a setting powder or setting spray.


Perfecting your face makeup is simple and effortless with the use of face powders. Despite having some level of oil control, those with drier skin can still use face powders, especially those with a more hydrating formulation. Shop the best Korean skin care and makeup at BONIIK from our different K beauty brands in Australia!