Why use men’s skincare packs?

The most common reason for using men’s skincare kits is due to its convenience and ease of use. In general, men prefer a more straightforward, easy to follow skincare regimen that they can apply quickly. As such, men’s skincare packs make the perfect addition to your morning and night time routine to keep your skin at its best condition. Moreover,  some men’s skincare set include mens perfume which will keep you feeling refreshed for longer durations!

Apart from convenience and ease of use, men’s skincare kits often come with travel size products that will allow you to try an entire skincare line to complete your daily grooming routine or even try out a different skincare product for men Australia before committing to a full-sized bottle. These travel sized products are perfect to take with you on the go, when you are travelling, or to put inside your gym bag to refresh your skin after a workout!

Mens skincare kits Australia make excellent, universally accepted gifts as well. They are perfect to give to your loved ones like your spouse, parents, siblings, colleagues or any man to show appreciation and how much they mean to you. Furthermore, because mens skincare kits are so versatile, they can be used as gifts for any occasion of the year, be it anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas, or just because! Regardless of the occasion, men’s skincare set is a gift that will be greatly appreciated.

How to select the best men’s skincare packs?

In finding the best mens skincare packs and mens skincare kits, it is important to first identify your skin type and skin concerns. If you have oily or combination skin, opt for skincare sets that contain ingredients such as tea tree, centella asiatica, mugwort with lighter or gel-type textures that will absorb quickly into the skin. These types of mens skincare products also aid in maintaining optimal moisture levels, control excess sebum and shine to keep the skin feeling fresh all day.

On the other hand, if your skin tends to be dry, prone to irritation and sensitivity, look for products that contain ceramides, collagen or repairing ingredients like ginseng and centella asiatica which can leave a soothing finish on the skin, while enhancing barrier and elasticity. The incorporation of these ingredients into your daily skincare routine can also help slow down aging process, improve skin texture and plumpness. Despite having slightly more viscous texture compared to skincare products designed for oily or combination skin, mens skincare products tend to have fast absorbing textures that do not leave greasy or sticky residue.

A general rule of thumb that is recommended for all skin types when selecting the best men’s skincare kits is to avoid ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils, artificial colouring or high amounts of perfumes. This is because such ingredients can trigger reactions, redness or sensitivity especially in those that have sensitive skin. As such, it is best to look for dermatologically-tested products that use skin-friendly ingredients, since this will be beneficial for every skin type.

Let your favourite men put their best face forward with the addition of skincare sets for men into their daily grooming routine. With a wide variety of men’s skincare packs and mens skincare kits for every skin type and age group, you can shop everything you need to impress your favourite men at BONIIK - the best Korean skincare, beauty and makeup store in Australia!

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