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Neogen Dermalogy is a Korean skin care brand that focuses on the combination on use of various technological processes such as plant stem cell, dermaceutical and bioconversion technology to formulate highly efficacious skincare products. The use of these modern processing methods helps Neogen develop products that work effectively to repair, restore, improve and protect the skin against external environmental stress while resolving the most commonly found skin concerns. By studying the human skin in great detail, Neogen is also able to develop formulas that minimize and prevent skin irritation, are skin-compatible and safe to use on all skin types.

Apart from on focusing on skin health, Neogen skin care aims to be an environmentally sustainable brand by minimizing the negative impact on the environment. By using high quality, pesticide- heavy metal-, GMO-free ingredients, as well as supporting practices like organic farming, Neogen skin care has proven to be a K-beauty brand that delivers true benefits of multi-functionality, convenience and true dermaceutical benefit driven by handpicked ingredients coupled with some of the most advanced skincare processing methods.

Popular Neogen Products

Neogen Australia is known for its gauze peeling exfoliating pads that come in 3 different varieties, namely lemon, green tea and wine. These exfoliating pads have 2 sides- textured to gently buff and peel away dead skin cells, as well as a smoother, embossed side to finish your exfoliating routine and remove any remaining impurities from the skin.

In addition to exfoliating pads, Neogen essence is also among some of its popular products to add to your skin care routine. Neogen essence is made with natural, fermented ingredients that are safe to use on the skin, fast-absorbing and helps enhance the skin barrier for increased immunity against external environmental stressors. Applying Neogen essence can also help clarify, soften and brighten the complexion with a dewy, healthy-looking finish.

High-performance beauty that brings about effective, safe and visible changes to the skin is beneficial for every skin type. Shop Neogen skin care at BONIIK – the best K beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia.