Exfoliators and scrubs work by removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, They can be either granular substances like sugar scrubs and microbeads, or peeling agents like AHAs and BHAs.



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How to Choose the Right Exfoliator for Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is a process of removing dead skin cells using granular substances or peeling agents. Your skin naturally regenerates and sheds every 30 days or so to allow new skin cells to emerge. But sometimes, your skin is not able to shed completely, which leads to clogged pores, dull complexion and more frequent breakouts. Exfoliation helps remove unwanted dead skin cells, impurities, and clear pores to stimulate skin cell turnover, even out skin texture and allows skin care products to be well absorbed into the skin.

With so many different types of exfoliators out there offering promising results, how do I know what will work best for my skin? Leave the work to us as we provide you with a quick guide to selecting the best exfoliator for your skin's needs!