Who will benefit from a deeply moisturising moisturizer?

Healthy, smooth and supple skin starts with a stronger skin barrier that is able to retain more hydration and moisture to keep the skin well-balanced. However, those with dry skin may find it difficult to maintain their skin’s health especially during the colder, drier months of the year. Therefore, they will need to ensure that their skin stays well moisturized at all times by using a face cream with thicker and richer consistencies. Those with dry or early-mature skin will benefit greatly from using Korean deeply moisturising moisturisers, which aid in maintaining optimal oil-water balance, prevent fine lines and wrinkles caused by a loss of skin elasticity, boost cell regeneration and prevent flaky skin.

Aside from those with dry skin types, those with normal skin type can also benefit from the best deep moisturising moisturisers Australia especially if they have skin concerns such as dehydration, premature aging, and uneven, patchy texture. With their creamy, smooth texture that can form a moisture barrier on the skin, these moisturisers provide the skin with instant comfort that supplies an abundance of moisture and hydration to parched skin.

Deeply moisturising moisturisers are often associated with nourishing moisturisers; nonetheless, they have a few differences in terms of formulation and consistency. Nourishing moisturisers are paced with higher amounts of active ingredients that work best for mature skin, to help maintain its youthful radiance, firm and lift sagging skin, as well as enhance weak skin barrier. In comparison to clarifying moisturisers and hydrating moisturisers, deeply moisturising moisturisers have a thicker consistency that works for skin lacking natural oils, rather than just supplying and retaining water levels. Therefore, deeply moisturising moisturisers will provide the most benefit to those with dry, early-mature skin as well as those with normal skin type.

How to select the best deeply moisturising moisturizer?

When choosing the best Korean deeply moisturising moisturisers Australia, look for ingredients that have the ability to repair and strengthen your skin such as ceramides, microbiomes, snail mucin, collagen, niacinamide or Vitamin E. These ingredients are known for their excellent abilities in increasing cell regeneration, improve skin elasticity and supplies deep, long-lasting moisture to help rescue even extremely dry skin. You can pair deeply moisturising ingredients with highly hydrating ingredients like beta-glucans and hyaluronic acid which pulls water molecules into your skin to give it a fresh and plumper appearance. The synergistic effect between hydrating and deeply moisturising ingredients can provide your skin with the best of both as they work by increasing and withholding moisture within the skin’s layers. The result is a visibly softer, supple and youthful-looking complexion.

Like selecting your other skincare products, it is best to look for Korean deeply moisturising moisturisers that are made without the addition of artificial fragrances, colouring, parabens or harsh chemicals like drying alcohols which can damage and weaken skin barrier or cause irritation to the skin. The best deeply moisturising moisturisers are those that are made with dermatologically tested, skin-friendly and gentle ingredients that will not irritate or cause increased sensitivity of the skin. Although plant oils, seed butter and other naturally moisturising ingredients will benefit dry skin greatly, it is recommended to still choose non-comedogenic formula to prevent the buildup of impurities within your pores.

In order for your skin to fully benefit from the use of deeply moisturising moisturisers, it is highly recommended to follow a proper daytime and nighttime skincare routine that involves properly cleansing your face and apply the essential steps such as toner, essence, serum or ampoule that will best suit your skin type and skin concerns! Shop the best deeply moisturising moisturisers at BONIIK from our wide range of Kbeauty brands.