These deeply moisturising products restore your skin's health, elasticity and vitality with intensive treatment from various scientifical and natural ingredients. Deeply moisturising moisturisers generally have a mix of oil and water-based ingredients to help the skin maintain optimal moisture balance. They help rebuild and strengthen skin barrier, help even out skin texture, to leave the skin feeling dewy and supple.



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Wondering How to Choose the Best Moisturiser for Your Skin?

Moisturisers are probably one of the most praise-worthy skincare products that unfortunately have not received as much attention as their other skincare buddies. Well, they are ‘just moisturizers’ aren’t they? True, but not all moisturizers are created equal. Moisturisers are an essential step in every skincare routine, they are the finishing step that wraps around the skin to allow all the other products that you have applied to penetrate well into the skin and prevent moisture loss. They help maintain optimal oil-water balance of the skin, protecting it from external environmental stressors and increase the skin’s natural defenses.

With various moisturizing levels, textures and benefits for your skin, let’s dive deeper into the world of moisturisers and select the best one to tackle your skin concerns!