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Which Yehwadam is right for you?

Myeonghan Miindo: A luxurious, premium anti-aging line made with Korean Ginseng and traditional medicinal herbs that deeply nourishes, firms and lifts the skin to revitalize and keep it healthy, smooth and lively.

Hwansaenggo: A highly concentrated anti-aging formula with Korean wild ginseng, white truffle and nokyong to intensively moisturise, nourish and restore the skin's elasticity and firmness for youthful-looking complexion.

Hwansaenggo Radiance: A highly concentrated, premium anti-aging formula enriched with Korean ginseng, traditional herbs, white willow, sea buckthorn and lonicera japonica to intensively moisturise, brighten and regenerate the skin for radiant, firm skin.

Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating: A premium anti-aging skincare line with Heaven Grade Ginseng from Geumsan which is considered the top 1% of red ginseng, pine mushrooms, peony and canola. These ingredients deliver deep moisture and nutrients to improve help improve the appearance of aging signs, regeneration of skin cells and collagen production for rejuvenated and firmer complexion.

Pure Brightening: A premium brightening and anti-aging line enriched with Korean ginseng, pristine traditional herbs and brightening complex to help diminish dark spots, pigmentation and dull skin tone while fighting aging signs to leave the skin more luminous, firm and supple.

Revitalizing: An anti-aging line formulated with Korean ginseng, safflower extract and goji berries to provide the skin with energized, healthy and vibrant complexion by improving the skin's elasticity, firmness and helps diminish fine lines.

Artemisia:  A soothing and hydrating line enriched with Artemisia (Mugwort), safflower, and Red Ginseng formula to replenish the skin's moisture levels while leaving the skin with a cool and refreshing finish.

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FROM OUR BLOG - THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam K-Beauty Ritual for Supercharged Skin

What if we could harness the power of Korean traditional ginseng, herbs and plants to turn back the clock on skin aging? Brought to you by THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam skincare collection that is about to change the way you view anti-aging products.

As the skin loses elasticity and vitality as a result of external stress, environmental pollutants and during the natural process of aging, it starts to show unwanted signs such as fine lines, wrinkles dark spots and so on. Starting your anti-aging routine at an early age in your 20s or so will also make a huge difference later on, and you will definitely thank yourself for all the effort you have put in. While aging is inevitable, there is always a way to prevent it from occurring prematurely, and who says you cannot age beautifully? THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam collection is the perfect place to start your anti-aging skincare, regardless of whether you are trying to slow down the process, maintain your skin’s health or nourish and restore your skin’s vitality, there’s always a great Yehwadam product for you.

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