Because of this, the skin on our hands loses its volume, elasticity and firmness which makes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, veins and dark spots more prominent. One of the best ways to keep your hands looking youthful and moisturized is to ensure that you apply hand creams regularly whenever they feel dry, as well as using a hand mask to deliver deeper, longer-lasting moisture to soften dry, patchy and rough skin.

Most hand mask Australia is also designed to target dry cuticles and repair brittle, dry nails to soften hard, dry and patchy skin by sealing in natural oils and emollients, strengthening and repairing skin barrier to help your hands retain moisture. Hand masks that contain gentle exfoliants work by softening and eliminating dead skin cells to rejuvenate skin and reveal visibly smoother hands. Just like mask sheets and lip and eye masks, hand masks do not usually require rinsing.

How to use a hand mask?

Hand masks come in different formulations such as glove-type hand masks and mask packs, both of which can be left on your hands to give it the intensive moisture care it needs.

To use the best Korean hand mask and ensure that your skin receives maximum benefits from it, first start by washing your hands with gentle hand wash and water to remove impurities. If you are using a glove-type hand mask, carefully place your hands inside the plastic glove provided and leave it on for about 20 minutes, then massage any remaining serum.

Glove-type Korean hand masks are convenient and mess-free as the rich moisturising cream or essence is inside a glove to prevent it from smearing or rubbing onto other surfaces. These single-use masks can be used at any time of the day, allowing you to still use your devices or carry on with your daily activities while treating your hands to a spa!

If you are using a cream-type hand mask or mask pack, spread a generous layer onto your hands and gently massage to promote absorption. Leave the mask pack on before rinsing it away.

What is a Korean foot mask?

The Korean foot mask is a mask specially formulated to treat dry, cracked heels, rough calluses and the buildup of dead skin on your feet. They are packed with different ingredients such as ultra moisturising emollients to quickly replenish moisture levels, and chemical peels that slough away rough, dead skin cells without the need to physically scrub them. Feet masks generally come inconveniently packed ‘socks’ that contain moisturising essences to give your feet a salon treatment and pampering anytime and anywhere.

By wrapping your feet in a sock that contains moisturising ingredients and extracts, it allows for the product to deeply penetrate into the different layers of our skin to repair and soften it. Also, they are a mess-free and convenient way to treat your skin to an at-home spa!

How to use feet mask?

To give your feet maximum benefits from a Korean foot mask, start by washing your feet with a gentle cleanser and water to remove any traces of impurities. After drying your feet, put the feet mask on like a sock and carefully seal it to keep the moisturising essence inside the sock. Wear the sock-type feet mask for 20 minutes and up to an hour. Remove them and gently massaging any remaining moisturiser to allow for better absorption. Depending on the choice of feet mask that you are using, sometimes you will need to rinse your feet with lukewarm water to prevent the exfoliating ingredients to remain on your skin for too long, like an exfoliating nose mask.

Unlike overnight sleeping masks, it is recommended to use feet masks for between 20 to 60 minutes only. Exfoliating foot masks will take between few days to a week to start peeling as it is when the product soaks into your skin and loosen dry, dead and hard skin or calluses. It is important to not remove the dead skin forcefully and allow it to peel away naturally. Soaking your feet for 10 minutes a day is helpful in speeding up the peeling process, revealing smoother, softer feet.

Give your hands and feet the love and care it needs to stay silky-smooth and healthy by using hand and foot masks every now and then, especially when your hands and feet feel dry, chapped or flaky. Shop the best Korean hand and foot care at BONIIK from our best K beauty skincare brands!