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What is Korean foundation makeup?

Korean face foundation makeup, or known simply as a foundation, is a face makeup product that is applied all over your face and neck that acts as ‘groundwork’ for your overall makeup look. Similar to BB/CC Creams, the purpose of a Korean face foundation is to give your skin an evenly-toned, smooth and flawless base by correcting blemishes and concealing dark spots. With a variety of coverage levels ranging from buildable, sheer, medium to full coverage, it is easy to find the right makeup foundation to suit your skin and personal preference.

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Types of face makeup foundation

Face makeup foundation comes in a variety of different formulas to suit your skin type. The most common formulations are as follows:

  • Liquid Foundation: The liquid foundation is one of the most popular types of Korean foundation makeup, and is often the first type of formulation that comes to mind when we think of makeup foundation. Liquid foundation allows for flawless, effortless coverage over your face, as it works by perfecting skin texture, concealing blemishes and smoothing out uneven skin tone to give your skin a smooth base before you apply other makeup products. Korean liquid foundation is designed with a variety of finishes such as matte, semi-matte or glossy.
  • Powder Foundation: Korean powder foundation is similar to compact face powder, but with higher coverage levels and denser formulation. They have a fine, silky smooth texture that adheres onto the skin, creating a silky-smooth, second-skin-like finish that feels soft and velvety to the touch. Powder foundations are excellent for those with oily skin as the powder formulation helps absorb excess oil to keep your makeup looking fresh for long durations.
  • Cushion Foundation: Korean cushion foundations have recently risen in popularity worldwide and have taken the K beauty world by storm! It is well known for its convenient, compact packaging that looks like a compact powder, but with a moist cushion or sponge soaked liquid-type foundation.

    Foundation beauty cushions allow for one-step application, simply by pressing gently on the sponge and applying the product onto your skin in quick, tapping motions. They are perfect for travelling and for touching up makeup at any time of the day.

How to use Korean foundation makeup

Before applying your face foundation makeup, ensure that you have applied a proper skin care routine based on your skin type. This includes moisturising your face and applying sun care to protect your skin. Once this has been done, you can apply some primer or makeup base to keep your foundation longer lasting.

If you are using a liquid foundation, dispense a small amount onto the back of your hand or on a palette, then using a foundation beauty brush or moistened makeup sponge, start dabbing the foundation gently from the centre of your face and then going outwards towards the hairline. It is recommended to apply in thin layers, to allow for smooth and even makeup application, as well as prevent caking and clumping.

When using cushion foundations, the process is very similar, but instead of dispensing the product onto your hand, you can simply press the sponge with your makeup puff gently to pick up some foundation and lightly patting it onto your skin.

While your foundation is still quite moist to the touch, you may apply concealer or corrector as required over blemishes, dark spots or under your eyes to give a smoother, evenly toned finish. However, this step is optional as your Korean foundation makeup can usually have enough coverage levels to conceal imperfections.

Then, continue with blush, contour and highlighter to give your complexion added dimension. If you are using a powdered blush, contour and highlighter on top of your liquid or cushion foundation, you can lightly dust some translucent face powder which will allow your brushes to glide better and give your coloured makeup an airbrushed, natural-looking finish.

If you are using powder Korean foundation makeup, simply use a powder brush or puff and apply it in the same way as any compact powder, ensuring that your face and neck has even, smooth coverage before moving onto the next steps of your makeup routine.

A tip to selecting the best Korean face foundation makeup for your skin is to first identify the right shade, coverage level and desired finish that you are after. Shop BONIIK’s large selection of Korean face makeup to complete your look! With different brands to choose from, there will always be the best Korean foundation for everyone!