“Dear Pimples, can you please go away?” Acne is a common skin issue among teenagers, yet it can still be a concern for adults.

The increase in oil in the follicle, resulting in a blockage in pores is the main reasons for acne breakouts. Meanwhile, dead skin cells, clogged pores, hormonal changes, stress, lack of sleep, imbalanced diet and other environmental aggressor can also be a contributing factor. Below is a selection of products to tackle your skin troubles once and for all!

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'Maskne' - Get Rid of Mask-Induced Acne and Irritation | BONIIK Blog

'Maskne' - Get Rid of Mask-Induced Acne and Irritation

With the current global situation, it is hard not to see the frequency of mask wearing increasing greatly as they have inevitably become part of our ‘new normal’ lifestyle. However, prolonged mask wearing is probably not something that our skin loves the most as it often gets stressed from friction, lack of airflow, pore-clogging impurities that build up on the masks and so on which causes what is termed ‘Maskne’ or Mask Acne, as well as conditions like contact dermatitis and irritation.

Read more about the causes, how to resolve and prevent acne caused by stress and abrasion while maintaining clarified complexion with our best acne-fighting skin care.