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What is Korean nail polish remover?

Korean nail polish remover is a liquid that is used to gently dissolve and remove any nail makeup from your nails including nail polish, stickers or nail extensions. Best Korean nail polish remover ensures that you start with a clean, smooth base before applying a fresh layer of nail polish and fix any smudges or uneven application effortlessly. With its watery consistency, nail polish removers come from inconveniently packed bottles that can be poured out onto cotton pads.


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Nail polish removers Australia has a reputation for having a strong, pungent smell from its acetone content, but nowadays, it is easy to find the best Korean nail polish remover without intense scents that you can use to remove nail makeup in just a few swipes.

How to use Korean nail polish remover?

Korean nail polish remover can be used in a variety of ways, from removing old nail polish, touching up or even removing any nail polish that smudged onto your cuticles or fingertips.

The more efficient and effective way to remove any nail art or nail colour is to first start by soaking cotton pads with the best nail polish remover Australia. Place each of these cotton pads onto your nails, lightly press and let the nail polish remover Australia dissolve and melt away any nail colour.

Leave this on for about 20-30 seconds before carefully removing the cotton pads in an upwards motion to wipe away any residue. If you are using a more pigmented or thicker nail polish, you may repeat this process until your Korean nail polish remover completely removes any residual nail art.

If you are using the best nail polish remover Australia to touch up your nail colour or nail art, simply soak a q-tip or cotton bud in the solution and apply Korean nail polish remover on the necessary areas. Often, you may want to remove nail polish from your cuticles to give your nails a tidier appearance or clean up any smudges from your nail art.

Because nail polish solution can be drying especially for those with dry skin, it is recommended to always wash your hands once you have removed any residual nail colour or nail art. Use a gentle hand wash, dry your hands completely and follow with a hand cream or lotion to ensure that your hands and nails remain soft and smooth.

Another tip is to use cuticle oil to not only boost healthy nail growth but also help protect against dryness to prevent flaky and brittle nails. In addition, you can supplement your nails with nail care serums that contain calcium as this can help strengthen nails especially if you are someone who frequently uses nail art and nail polish remover.

How to choose nail polish remover online?

When shopping for nail polish remover online, it is important to know what type of nail polish remover you are purchasing. There are 2 common types- acetone and non-acetone. Acetone nail polish remover Australia contains powerful solvents that remove nail polish and nail art easily and quickly. However, this type of nail polish remover in Australia can be rather drying. On the other hand non-acetone, Korean nail polish remover is generally gentler on the skin and cuticles, although they do not remove nail art and nail makeup as quickly.

Nonetheless, regardless of which type of Korean nail polish remover you are using, it is recommended to always use a cotton pad or q-tip when removing nail makeup on your natural nails as this will prevent the solution from excessively stripping away moisture from your skin.

Another recommendation is to opt for nail polish removers that contain natural emollients such as nut, seed and plant oils to keep your skin soft and smooth. Not only do they contain gentler ingredients, they are also naturally skin-friendly, making plant oil-based nail polish removers suitable for all skin types, including those with very dry skin and brittle, flaky nails.

The best nail polish remover online is something that all nail art lovers need to have. Shop the best Korean nail polish remover online at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia!