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The Face Shop is a Korean skin care and makeup beauty brand that focuses on creating beauty inspired by nature. The Face Shop aims to harness different natural ingredients that nature has to offer such as flowers, plants, seeds, fruits and traditional natural herbs that have proven benefits to improving skin. Time and time again, the brand is renowned for being one of the best in the industry.

BONIIK is proud to be the official Australian distributor of The Face Shop - you can visit our The Face Shop location in the Galeries, in Sydney.

There are a few different sub-brands within the ultimate beauty brand, each with different main ingredients and caters to unique skin concerns. Where similar stores and brands stick to a single line, The Face Shop have continued creating products that hold high standards, using oriental herbs and natural ingredients that are great for all types of skin.

Some of The Face Shop's fan-favourite natural sub brands, in store or online, include:

The Face Shop Sub Brands
  • Yehwadam: Yehwadam is The Face Shop's best anti-aging skin care and beauty range. Formulated using Korean traditional herbal ingredients like ginseng, it works by softening skin, firming and lifting skin, improving the appearance of age spots as well as maintains the skin’s youthful glow. Yehwadam itself has a number of product lines to suit different age groups, with varying concentrations of anti-aging ingredients. Regardless of whether you are looking to start your anti aging routine in your early adulthood, or wanting to restore and deeply nourish mature skin to boost its immunity, Yehwadam has the right product for you!
  • Dr. Belmeur: The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur is the brand’s dermatologically-tested sub-brand that is specially formulated for those with sensitive, delicate, troubled skin. Dr. Belmeur’s products use a range of natural plants such as centella asiatica, marula oil, tea tree and so on to alleviate common skin concerns like acne, pimples, dryness, eczema and many others.
  • Seed: The Face Shop Seed uses a variety of natural seeds and grains across planet earth to restore the skin’s natural health. This skin care line uses chia seeds to deliver hydration to oily skin, green seed to energize normal to dry skin, and mango skin to deeply moisturise and nourish dry, flaky skin as well as prevent premature aging.

Popular The Face Shop Products

The Face Shop Australia is one of the most iconic beauty brands delivering high standards across a large variety of natural Korean skin care, body care, hair care and makeup beauty products. There are a number of highly sought after products that remain fan-favourites that every skincare enthusiast should try.

Face Wash

The Face Shop face wash are among the brand’s most popular products, with natural face cleansers for every skin type. These face cleansers contain natural ingredients such as rice for brightening, ginseng for firming and lifting, a blend of fruits for daily cleansing, and plant seeds for long-lasting hydration. Made without the addition of harsh surfactants and high value natural ingredients, The Face Shop face wash can be used by everyone regardless of age group, skin type and skin concerns!

Other Skin Products

Other skincare products to try include sheet masks, oils, cream products and sun smart products. For regular offers on The Face Shop skincare, shop with BONIIK Australia.

Makeup & Cosmetics

In addition to facial cleansers, The Face Shop is also known for its natural and colourful makeup products. From face makeup, cushions, blush, highlighter and contour, to even nail polish and accessories, these makeup products are perfect for any occasion. Express your style and personality with vibrant colours to enhance your makeup!

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