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What are Korean highlighter and contour?

Korean highlighter and contour are different kinds of face makeup products that give your face added dimensions. They work by sculpting and enhancing your facial features effortlessly, creating a flattering makeup look. Apart from that, contouring your face with bronzers also gives the effect of a natural, healthy sun-kissed glow; whereas the best Korean highlighter gives a strobing effect on areas of your face that naturally catch the light.

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Types of highlighter and contour

Like any other face makeup, Korean highlight and contour makeup come in different formulations to suit the final makeup look that you desire to achieve.

  • Powder: Powder highlight and Korean contour makeup are commonly found across different K beauty brands. They can come in the form of loose powder or a compact powder palette that is applied to your face using a brush. These versatile makeup products can be used as eye shadow or to contour other parts of your body such as your neck and collarbone.
  • Liquid: Liquid highlight makeup and best Korean contour have a smooth, almost watery consistency that usually comes in the form of drops, cushion or in a bottle. Apart from giving your complexion added dimension, liquid-type highlighter and contour can be used to enhance liquid foundations simply by mixing them together. You can use liquid contour to mix into a foundation that is too light, or adding a liquid highlighter to give your foundation a shimmery finish.
  • Cream: Cream highlight and contour makeup often come in small pots that are creamy and moist to the touch. They can be used together with any face makeup, thanks to their silky texture that glides easily. When dabbed using the fingertips of a makeup sponge, it gives a dewy, soft, glow on the face.

How to use Korean highlighter and contour makeup

Before applying the best Korean highlighter and contour, ensure that you have applied face makeup like your foundation, BB/CC Cream and makeup primer to smooth out uneven skin tone. Add concealer as needed to cover blemishes, giving your face a smoother finish. Depending on the highlighting makeup and contour formulation that you are using, you can choose to use a brush, makeup sponge or simply your fingertips.

In order to prevent streaking when using powder-type contour makeup, apply a layer of translucent powder to allow your brush to sweep over your skin easily. On the other hand, if you are using a liquid or cream-type Korean highlighter and contour makeup, you can use a moistened makeup sponge or your fingertips. A tip to bring out the colours of your makeup is to spray some makeup setting spray on your brush before dipping it into the makeup pot or palette.

Start by applying your best Korean contour makeup along you’re the circumference of your face with a sweeping or blending motion towards your hairline. Move along the jawline and blend downwards towards the neck to give your neck an elongated illusion. Next, apply the contour below your cheekbones for a slimmer facial appearance and on your nose. Blend the contour smoothly until your desired look has been achieved. For beginners, it is advisable to start with small amounts in thin layers and slowly build up.

After contouring your face, you can choose to add a face blush to give your face a flush of peachy, pink colour. To highlight your face, use a flat brush, often called fan brush, with your best Korean highlight makeup and apply it onto the high points of your face such as your brow bone, the tip of your nose and on your cheekbones. When using a liquid or cream formula, simply dispense a small amount and blend gently until smooth.

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