Types of Korean body products Australia

Korean body products Australia can be classified into the following categories based on the benefit that they provide to our skin.

  • Body Wash: Body washes are used to remove impurities, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. They can come in liquid, cream, gel or bars that lather into a soapy foam upon contact with water. Body washes are formulated to be safe for daily use by everyone and will keep your skin feeling refreshed and clean. In addition, Korean body washes come in different, pleasant scents to indulge your senses and uplift your mood every time! You can apply body washes using a gentle shower puff for easier lather or simply using your palms.
  • Body Scrub: Body scrubs are exfoliators for your body. They work similarly to any facial exfoliator, but with coarser or larger granules to effectively buff and lift dead skin cells, uneven skin texture even from rough areas such as your knees and elbows. Because the skin on your body is likely to be less sensitive than your face, using a coarser body scrub will work just fine, especially if you have very rough skin that requires deeper exfoliation. Body scrubs can ideally be used every now and then, about 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type. Not only will they help boost skin cell regeneration, using Korean body scrubs make a perfect treat and pampering moment for yourself!
  • Body Mist: Body mists are lightweight, watery types of body moisturisers. They come in convenient spray bottles that can be applied onto the skin directly. Thanks to its mess-free packaging and fast-absorbing texture, body mists can be easily carried around and applied on your skin whenever it feels dry. Additionally, Korean body mists can be used all year long, even during the warmer months to give your skin adequate moisture while still being lightweight and watery in texture.

  • Body Moisturiser: Body moisturisers are among the most commonly found body care products. They are often used after showers or baths, to restore your skin’s moisture levels and keep it feeling silky smooth and soft. Body moisturisers can come in a number of textures including gel, lotion, cream or balms. Regardless of your preferred Korean body care products Australia texture, body moisturisers make the perfect addition to your day to day body care routine and can be used as often as your skin needs. Korean body moisturisers are excellent in helping to soften rough skin, eliminate and prevent stretch marks, maintain skin elasticity and to alleviate flaky skin.

  • Hand and Foot Care: Hand and foot care products provide moisture and nutrients to our hardworking hands and feet. Our hands and feet tend to be some of the driest parts of our skin due to frequent handwashing, exposure to environmental conditions and so on. Nonetheless, keeping them well moisturized and silky smooth is easy with the right types of hand and feet care Australia for your skin.

  • Perfumes: It is no doubt that having a ‘signature scent’ can make us feel empowered. Discover your signature scent with our perfumes collection that will keep you feeling fresh. For best results, spray your perfume onto your pulse points and on damp skin to lock in the scent, leaving it longer lasting.

How to choose the best body products Australia?

In selecting the best body products Australia, it is important to ensure that your Korean body care are made using safe, skin-friendly ingredients that will not cause irritation or dryness. It is recommended to avoid products that are heavily perfumed, especially if you have very sensitive or delicate skin, as well as harmful ingredients such as parabens and drying alcohols. You can select body care products that are made with natural emollients such as plant, seed or nut oils, which are known to be good for all skin types.

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