In 2016, Aromatica cosmetic became the first Korean brand to receive EWG Verified certification. Aromatica Australia’s passion and activities in helping with the preservation and restoration of the Earth are reflected in their products. They pride themselves in delivering the safest, cleanest skincare and body care products, using formulas inspired by centuries of natural, aromatherapy healing knowledge. All Aromatica cosmetics products are made with natural, organic and vegan-friendly ingredients that are free from parabens, artificial colouring and harsh chemicals.

Popular Aromatica Products

With the current trend favouring clean beauty products that use high quality, natural ingredients free from harmful additives, it is not surprising that a number of Aromatica Australia skincare, body and hair care products have been praised for their high efficacy. These products are not only beneficial to your skin and body, but they also do not cause environmental concerns to our planet.

Aromatica Australia’s hair care products are among its most popular products. Their shampoo and conditioners are free from silicones, sulfates and parabens. Eliminating these ingredients has allowed Aromatica online to be able to provide proper hair care products to all hair types, and can be used even on those with sensitive scalp and chemically treated hair. Regardless of whether you have dry hair that needs a boost of moisture and nourishment, oily scalp that needs refreshing, or added volume to revitalize and thicken fine, limp hair, Aromatica cosmetics has the solution you need!

If you are looking for a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand that has everything your skin needs from head to toe, look no further than Aromatica Australia! Shop all your Korean vegan skincare from Aromatica online at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia!