If you do have sensitive skin, you’ll probably notice that you develop adverse symptoms to certain products and triggers- soaps, detergents, fragrances, household goods, even certain moisturisers and makeup products.

In addition, exposure to the outside elements including UV rays, the cold and wind can trigger uncomfortable flares for people with sensitive skin types.  

If you have sensitive skin, you know full well that finding skincare products that are gentle enough on your skin is a touch-and-go shopping experience.


Clinical Features of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types present a wide variety of clinical symptoms. Often the skin is subject to visible redness, irritation, feeling of tightness and discomfort (sometimes described as a burning sensation). Other visible and more serious conditions include scaling, peeling and hive breakouts.

Sensitive skin also exhibits characteristics of several other skin types, including oily, dry and combination skin.

While causes of sensitive skin can be environmental, having sensitive skin can also be the result of underlying skin conditions like allergic contact dermatitis, Rosacea, Eczema and other allergies to certain synthetic ingredients.

Other common clinical features include:

  • Prone to breakouts
  • Skin flakes and peels which leaves scarring
  • You sunburn easily
  • Skin feels itchy after cleansing products


Is sensitive skin a cause for concern?

Sensitive skin types aren't a disease that a doctor can diagnose you with. You may not even think that you have sensitive skin until you have an onset reaction to a trigger.

It’s always a good idea to check the products you’re currently using- as some in products feature ingredients that are too harsh to be applied all over the face, or too strong for your skin type.

While almost 50% of men and women endure sensitive skin, every person is different. Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it can work wonders for someone else.

We advise that you consult an experienced dermatologist to discover exactly what irritates your skin.


Shopping for Sensitive Skin Products

Whatever your skin care concerns whether it’s flakiness to instant redness, Boniik has you covered. We have a variety of brands catering to sensitive skin that we’ve collated in one place to make skin care shopping hassle-free. 

While it’s impossible to account for all sensitive skin types, our products for sensitive skin are fragrant-free, do not contain harsh chemicals and synthetics that trigger your skin, and are gentle when applied. Some products we have on offer are designed to be used sparingly in your daily skin care routine, and contain repairing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, retinol and more.

When it comes to exfoliates and scrubs, it’s recommended that you only exfoliate skin once or twice a week to prevent irritation. Our exfoliants are gentle and soothing on the skin, and do not feature gritty particles designed to roughly scrub away impurities within the skin surface. Be sure to use lukewarm water as hot and cold water can damage the skin’s barrier.

Boniik skips the sweet-smelling fragrances and soaps. It’s an add-on your sensitive skin doesn’t need and often can’t handle. Our products are either scentless or feature natural ingredients like Aloe, matcha and Tea Tree oil- proven to soothe skin irritation and dryness.

We comprehend that shopping for skin cleansers can be hit or miss. Some skin cleansers and sunscreens contain harsh sulfate which- you guessed it- is detrimental to sensitive skin types. We also offer milky cleansers that are hydrating to combat dryness and itchiness. If cleansing is too much, opt for our gentle micellar cleansers to draw away dead skin and impurities from the pores. Our all-in-one products are best used on a 100% cotton pad to remove makeup and excess sebum


Shopping Tips

While shopping for sensitive skin products, it’s always a good tip to read the labels on products before you apply them to your body. Look for words “gentle on skin” or “for sensitive skin”, and always check the ingredients. That way you can spot what is most likely to make you experience a flare up.

If you’re still learning what sets your skin off- do a patch test with any new product before you commit to purchase. If you see a reaction within 72 hours, you’ll know it’s a big No No.

A general rule of thumb. The fewer the ingredients, the better it is for your sensitive skin type.


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