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What is Korean face cleanser for men?

Korean facial cleanser for men is a staple men’s skincare product for every man. They work by removing impurities, unclog pores, control excess sebum, as well as prevent skin troubles such as breakouts. Being one of the most important steps to any skincare routine, it is important to use a proper facial cleanser for your face as mens cleanser is formulated to be used on more sensitive parts of the skin such as the face. In addition, using mens cleanser also helps keep the skin feeling refreshed and clear, to prevent excess shine and reduce skin troubles.         

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Why use Korean face cleanser for men?

While a majority of men prefer to use body soaps or body cleansers instead of a facial cleanser, due to its convenience. But this type of cleanser can be excessively drying to the skin as they are designed for use on the rest of your body where the skin is less sensitive. The reason why you will need a proper facial cleanser to wash your face is because facial cleansers provide your skin with hydration and moisture after cleansing, to prevent moisture from being stripped away excessively. Moreover, using best cleanser for men instead of your body wash or other types of soap can help prevent irritation and excess dryness. Best cleanser for men can be used at any time of the day especially before starting your busy mornings, in the middle of the day to eliminate excess shine and sebum buildup, as well as before bedtime to ensure that your skin stays clean and clear!

Similar to other types of face washes, best cleanser for men have different formulations to suit individual skin types. For those with oily skin types, mens cleanser generally contains sebum-controlling ingredients such as tea tree, BHA, salicylic acid and so on. The use of these ingredients will leave a fresh, mattifying finish. On the other hand, for those with dry skin types, mens cleanser is usually enriched with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, aloe vera or collagen which can help give the skin a smooth, moisturized feeling.

According to skincare experts and dermatologists, it is best to select a face cleanser for men that have a balanced pH, free from drying ingredients such as harsh surfactants, soap, alcohols, as well as harmful additives like parabens. The best cleanser for men is one that has a gentle, dermatologically-tested formula that is safe to use on the skin.

How to use Korean face cleanser for men?

Using Korean facial wash for men is the same as using any other cleanser. Start by dispensing an adequate amount onto the palm of your hands, add a few drops of water and lather onto your face. As the cleanser turns into rich foam, gently massage all over your face, avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Next, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry using a clean towel.

After cleansing, you may choose to exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, unclog pores and prevent ingrown hair. Alternatively, if you are not exfoliating, you can simply follow with a hydrating facial toner for men to replenish any moisture lost from cleansing. Toning your face with the best facial toner for men can also help in maintaining skin elasticity, improving skin texture, as well as keeping the skin fresh by controlling excess sebum. You can also use an all-in-one for men which doubles as both a toner and facial essence that can penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers for deeper, longer-lasting hydration. As a final step of your skincare routine, finish off with a face moisturiser for men to lock in the hydration and nutrients!

By following a proper skincare routine for men, it can really make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a youthful and lively complexion. Not only will your consistent effort pay off, you will find that your skin becomes significantly smoother, less prone to breakouts and premature aging; it will also stay fresh and hydrated for longer durations. Shop face cleanser for men, men skincare products and sets at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia!