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What is blush makeup?

Korean blush makeup is a face makeup product that gives your cheeks a flush of colour and warmth. They are typically applied onto the apples of the cheeks and blended with the rest of your makeup. Being a versatile product, face blushes can often be used on your eyelids too in lieu of eye shadows. Cream or liquid-based formulas can even be used on your lips like any lip makeup product. While they serve similar purposes to contours and bronzer, blushes are more commonly found in reddish, pinkish or peachy tones while bronzers and contours are generally brown, beige or tan in colour.

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Types of blush makeup

Blush makeup comes in different formulas to suit the type of makeup look that you are trying to achieve. They can come in individual colours, or even in a blush palette which allows you to use a variety of colours. Regardless of the type of face blush that you are using, they all can be used easily for makeup touchups throughout the day.

  • Powder: Powder blushes are probably the most common form of makeup blush. They come in compact or powder form that will apply smoothly onto your cheeks with a fluffy brush. Powder blushes can also be used in place of eyeshadows to give your eyes a natural wash of colour
  • Liquid: Liquid blushes are pigmented liquids that you can apply onto your face, they are often formulated to be used on your lips too which makes them a versatile makeup product. Liquid blushes work best when you are using liquid foundation as their smooth formula does not cake or clump when used together with other liquid makeup. They can come in small bottles or in the form of a cushion.
  • Cream: Cream blushes are moist to the touch, with a texture that can be described as ‘wet powder’. They are applied onto the cheeks in quick tapping motions using your fingertips or a moist makeup sponge. They are ideal to use when you are looking to achieve a dewy, glowing makeup look.

How to use makeup blush

Korean blush beauty is applied on top of your other face makeup products such as foundation, face powder, BB/CC cream, or cushion makeup to give your cheeks a flush of colour. Using a primer or makeup base will create a smooth, evenly toned base and it also provides a non-slip surface that the blush makeup can adhere to. You can apply concealer over blemishes or troubled spots to perfect your final face makeup look. Once basic face makeup is complete, follow with contour and highlighter to give your face added dimension. Do this by highlighting the ‘high’ areas of your face like your cheekbones, and applying bronzer on areas such as along your jawline and circumference of your face.

To use a powder blush, you can apply a layer of translucent face powder to allow the brush and blush makeup to glide easily on your cheeks, giving it a smoother finish. Dip your makeup brush into your blush palette, then tap off the excess product. Using light sweeping motions, apply it on the apples of your cheeks until the desired colour is achieved.

If you are using a liquid blush, you can apply it directly onto the apples of your cheeks and tap to blend it seamlessly. Because some liquid blush makeup can dry easily after they are applied onto the cheeks, it is recommended to use quick, tapping motions when applying. Alternatively, you can also use a moistened beauty sponge or beauty blender to ensure that the blush makeup colour blends well with the rest of your face makeup.

A tip to bring out the vibrancy of your blush palette is to spray your brush with setting spray or facial mist just before dipping it into the palette. When you are happy with your final look, use a setting spray or setting powder to set your makeup in place to prevent it from smudging.

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