Regardless of the type of cushion makeup you are using, the best cushion makeup products are best applied using a makeup sponge or puff designed for liquid makeup, to give your skin smooth, second-skin-like coverage.


Commonly found types of cushion makeup

  • Cushion Foundation: Cushion foundation Australia is a type of face makeup that works essentially like any liquid foundation. The main difference between the best cushion foundation and liquid foundation is their packaging, the former is housed in a case with a sponge that has been soaked in liquid foundation. Best cushion foundation Australia is lightweight, travel-friendly and convenient to use at any time of the day and anywhere.
  • BB/CC Cushion: BB and CC Cushion Australia is any makeup cushion that is soaked in blemish balm or colour correcting face makeup. Best BB cushion Australia works like a tinted moisturiser that is boosted with other skin-loving benefits, giving your skin moisturising, brightening and can often include sun care. Best CC cushion Australia provides more coverage than BB, to conceal blemishes and uneven skin tone for a smoother finish
  • Cushion blush, contour and highlighter: Coloured makeup to enhance your facial dimensions can come in the form of cushions too. Unlike powder palette coloured makeup products, they leave glossy, dewy finish and can be layered immediately over liquid or cushion makeup products without caking or clumping. They can blend effortlessly when applied with a makeup sponge or puff.


How to use cushion makeup?

Before applying any makeup, it is important to first ensure that your skin is well moisturized as this will allow the skin care products to adhere better to the skin. Apply a layer of primer or makeup base after skin care, to give your skin a smooth and even base.


Once your makeup base or primer is slightly drier to the touch, use your foundation cushion or BB/CC cushion and lightly pat the puff or makeup sponge all over your face until desired coverage levels have been achieved. Concealer or corrector can be applied right after you have a smooth face makeup, by applying it over blemishes or dark spots; blend it into your best cushion foundation using a sponge. A tip for a natural, dewy-looking finish is to spray some facial mist of water onto your cushion applicator before pressing it onto the product.


Because Korean makeup cushions give a dewy or glossy finish, you can continue with your coloured cushion makeup such as blush, contour and highlighter. Layering these onto your face can be done in the same way, and for the more detailed application you can choose to use a smaller-sized sponge or puff. It is recommended to use a different puff for different colours, to ensure that your makeup appears flawless.


To finish your makeup look, you may dust some face powder to set your makeup or spray setting spray to prevent makeup from smudging.


Best Korean cushion foundation Australia is a staple beauty product that you must have if you are looking to achieve an effortlessly smooth, dewy and fresh makeup look. Their unique, sleek and compact cases are great additions to your makeup vanity, especially if you are someone who is constantly on the go! Shop Korean skin care and makeup at BONIIK to discover our wide selection of K beauty products!