Korean face makeup Australia has taken the world of makeup by storm since its rise in popularity in recent years. Examples of basic Korean face makeup products include the following:



How to use Korean Face Makeup?

To ensure that your Korean face makeup Australia stays fresh for longer durations without caking or drying out, the first essential step is to ensure that you apply proper skin care steps to keep your skin hydrated. Choose a skin care regime that will suit your skin type and ensure that your skin is adequately moisturized, because starting with a smooth base is the foundation to flawless makeup application.


Once your skin is adequately moisturized, start with a primer or makeup base to help your makeup last longer and adhere to your skin properly. Next, follow with a foundation in the form of a liquid or cushion which can be applied with a moist beauty sponge, makeup sponge or a foundation brush. Using these tools will allow for an even, smooth application that you can build up to increase its levels of coverage. If you are using a brush, you can wet it slightly to give a dewy, glass skin-like finish. While the  liquid foundation is the preferable option for those with drier skin or who wants a second-skin finish; face powder foundations can be good options for those with oily skin or for quick touch-ups on the go.


After applying foundation, you may choose to apply a concealer to cover up dark spots, uneven skin tone or to help improve the appearance of dark under-eye circles and lines. This is an optional step as your foundation can sometimes be adequate to cover up these imperfections. When you have achieved the desired level of makeup coverage with your foundation and concealer, you can dust a layer of translucent powder which will help give your skin a smoother texture, allowing your blush, contour and highlighter to apply seamlessly for a more natural-looking makeup look.


Makeup blush, highlighter and contour come in powder or liquid form. Depending on the formula you are using, you can either use a moist makeup sponge and apply them in light, quick tapping motions; or you can use a fluffy brush to give this coloured makeup an airbrushed, soft finish.


To finish your Korean face makeup, apply setting powder or setting spray to ensure that your makeup adheres well onto your skin without smudging. The use of setting powders and sprays will also ensure that your makeup does not rub off on clothing, as well as allowing it to become resistant to humidity or changes in moisture levels for a fresh, long-lasting and flawless finish.


Face Makeup for Sensitive Skin

If you happen to have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, redness, breakouts or in general hypersensitive to face makeup products, a product that you may consider looking into is BB Cream. BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm that work by providing the skin with protection against environmental stress, reduce redness and blemishes, while at the same time providing it with a decent level of coverage. BB Creams are versatile, all-in-one beauty staple that works similarly to a makeup foundation but with added benefits of skin protection. Their non-comedogenic formula makes them ideal for all skin types.


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