How to select the best Korean lip tint?

With so many different varieties of Korean lip tints and the best lip stains in the market, choosing the right lip tint in Australia can seem rather challenging. In terms of colour selection, this will depend largely on personal preference and the type of finished makeup look that you are trying to achieve. Lip tints tend to have a sheer, natural and matte finish that will provide your lips with a subtle wash of colour, as opposed to lipsticks that have more opaque, vibrant finishes in just one swipe.

Just like selecting any other makeup product, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients added to lip stains. Because your lips tend to be more sensitive, investing in high-quality lip makeup products is beneficial in the long term. As a rule of thumb, it is highly recommended to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, harsh chemicals, drying alcohols or artificial fragrances that may cause irritation or dry skin around the lips in those who are hypersensitive. Opt for lip stains or lip products that contain natural moisturising key ingredients such as plant and nut oils, seed butter and so on that will not only provide your lips with adequate moisture but also minimize the chances of irritation or extremely chapped lips.


How to use Korean lip tint

1. Start with a clean base

Before applying any lip makeup, it is important to first ensure that there is no remaining lip makeup residue or impurities by using a gentle lip and eye makeup remover or gentle lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Keeping your lips free of impurities and dead skin cells can allow your best lip stain and any other lip makeup product to cling onto your lips for longer durations without the need to reapply.

2. Lip balm

Some skin types may benefit from lip balm before applying lip makeup products. If your lips are prone to dryness and chapping, you may apply a layer of lip balm before layering your lip tint to maintain its moisture levels, prevent dry skin, and prevent lip stain from cracking or clumping.

3. Apply your lip stain

Then, simply swipe on your choice best lip stain using the applicator provided until you have attained the desired level of coverage. Allow the colour to set for about 20-30 seconds before applying a lip gloss if you want additional shine or glossy finish, or you can add another layer of lip tint Australia for a more vivid colour payoff. 

4. Additional tips

Another tip to maximize the impact of your lip makeup is to use a lip liner to carefully draw along the perimeter of your natural lip line. You can also choose to go slightly above your natural lip line, for a fuller, plumper effect before filling it with colour. Want more? Add a clear gloss or opt for a matte finish - it's up to you.

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Feel free to express your personality and makeup style through a combination of different lip tints. Whether you are creating a bold and dramatic look, or simply going for a natural, day-to-day or no-makeup look, lip tints come in handy to help you achieve your desired look, and are long lasting throughout the day. In addition to being used as lip makeup, lip tints can even be used as a face blush to add a flush of healthy, rosy shade to your cheeks. Shop best Korean lip tint Australia at BONIIK – the best K beauty skincare and makeup store in Australia for every skin type!