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What is Korean perfume?

Korean perfume is a scented liquid that is applied onto your skin or clothing to give a long lasting fragrance. They are made out of a mixture of essential oils, aroma, and solvents to produce a distinct scent. Apart from providing desirable and pleasant scent to your body, perfumes are known to be able to boost your self confidence, improve mood, relieve anxiety and stress especially when they contain calming scents.

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Unlike body sprays or body mists, Korean body perfumes have stronger, longer lasting scent and a few sprays is all you need for long lasting, fresh fragrance. Perfumes are typically used after showering, and can complement different body care products well, especially if they are from the same body care line or set that includes body wash and body scrub.

What is meant by perfume notes?

When you shop perfume online, you will often see in its description that it has unique top notes, middle notes and base notes. Fragrance notes are different layers of scent with a harmonious combinations that will make up the final fragrance of your perfume. They are typically separated into three different elements that work together to give you the best body perfume scent.

Top Notes

Top notes, also known as opening notes or head notes, are the fragrances you can smell immediately the moment the body perfume is applied onto your skin. Essentially, top notes make up the first impression of the perfume. Top notes are the lightest among the three common notes, with the smallest molecular size and they can last somewhere between 5 to 15 minutes.

Common top notes include citrus scents like lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit or light fruits like berries; floral and herbal scents like rose, lavender, basil, sage, lavender. They can range from sweet or bitter fragrances.

Middle Notes

Middle notes, often called heart notes because they makeup the ‘heart’ of your body perfume Australia. The middle notes reveal slowly after the top notes have receded. Thanks to their fuller notes and being the more dominant aromas, they are pleasant and tend to be the most well-rounded among the three.

Examples of recognizable middle notes of a perfume include scents like rose, lemongrass and typically comprise of fruity and floral fragrances from natural oils.

Base Notes

Base notes are the foundation of your best body perfume Australia. They work by adding more depth to the scent, boost lighter notes and help balance the overall scent of your perfume. As base notes are the longest-lasting, they tend to be a lot heavier in terms of molecular size with richer aromas that start to reveal about 30 minutes after initially spraying on your perfume. They work together with the middle notes in harmony, giving it body and longevity that can last for hours.

A few commonly found base notes can include vanilla, sandalwood, musk, amber or any scent that leaves a woody, sweet or bitter finish.

How to use Korean best body perfume?

To apply Korean best body perfume, spray a small amount onto your pulse points as these areas of your body emit more body heat which will allow the perfume scent to diffuse. Pulse points on our bodies can be found on the inner part of your wrists, inside your elbows, behind your ear lobes and behind your knees. It is recommended to not rub the perfume into your skin as this will cause the top notes to evaporate quickly, you can dab it lightly instead on a few of your pulse points.

Alternatively, you can spray perfume directly onto your clothing to keep the scent long-lasting throughout the day. However, it is important to take precautions with this method as certain types of fabrics or materials can stain or fade. Because of the nature of our clothing, the scent from your perfume may smell lighter or slightly different than if you were to apply it directly onto your skin.

You can also try walking into a cloud of your perfume by spraying it in front of you and walking directly into it to allow a light layer to adhere onto your clothing and skin. This will allow the perfume to leave a light scent that is not overpowering or feel like its overdone. This method is ideal if you are looking for a more subtle, light perfume scent.

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