Contrary to popular belief that moisturisers should only be used for those with dry or mature skin, moisturisers come in different types to suit individual skin types and skin concerns. Therefore, even if you have oily skin which is unlikely to require a lot of moisture, there are moisturisers specifically formulated to help with oil control to keep your skin smooth, well-balanced and healthy!

How to choose the best facial moisturiser for your skin

Best moisturisers are not created equal, they are classified into four different groups – clarifying, hydrating, deeply moisturising and nourishing. Each of these caters to different skin types, skin concerns and age groups.

Clarifying moisturisers are designed for those with oily, combination skin types that are prone to acne, breakouts and troubles. They have lightweight textures that can sometimes come in the form of an emulsion or gel, which absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Commonly found ingredients in clarifying moisturisers include gentle chemical exfoliants, tea tree, Centella Asiatica, mugwort and green tea. Moisturisers that clarify skin are well-loved by younger age groups especially those with frequently troubled skin, acne and pimples or are concerned with blackheads and whiteheads.

Hydrating moisturisers, just like their name is designed to replenish the skin’s water contents. These type of moisturisers are packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, beta-glucans and naturally hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber. Hydrating moisturisers can come in the form of gel creams, emulsions or a lightweight cream that does not feel dense or sticky when applied to the skin. Apart from that, they have a non-comedogenic formula that leaves a supple, plump and fresh finish which will suit most skin types including sensitive skin.

Deeply moisturising moisturisers are packed with ingredients that repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Made for those with dry skin that requires long-lasting moisture, deeply moisturising moisturisers rebuild and enhance skin barrier to prevent moisture loss through ingredients like Centella Asiatica, ceramides, microbiomes, collagen and vitamins. They work by softening flaky, rough patches, shield skin from external environmental stress and leave a layer of moisture that wraps around the skin comfortably. These kind of facial moisturisers are creamier, denser in texture compared to clarifying and hydrating moisturisers.

Nourishing moisturisers contain a high concentration of active ingredients that firm and lift the skin. This can include natural ingredients such as Korean traditional herbs or scientific ingredients like adenosine, peptides and collagen which boast numerous anti-aging, repairing and regenerating properties. Nourishing moisturisers can help improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sagging or dull-looking complexion by stimulating skin cell turnover, boosting skin elasticity and strengthening the skin barrier to increase its resilience. These types of moisturisers generally have the richest, most concentrated texture among the four.

How to use a facial moisturiser

As a final step of your daytime and nighttime skincare routine, apply a generous layer of Korean moisturiser on your face and neck, then gently pat to promote absorption. Facial moisturiser is recommended to be used during the day to keep your skin well moisturized and allow for smooth, flawless makeup application which will keep your skin looking fresh, soft and prevents makeup from clumping.

At night, using the best moisturiser Australia will ensure that all the benefits from different Korean skincare products like toner, essence, serum or ampoule are locked into the skin and properly absorb. Since the skin’s repairing and regenerating abilities are at their peak while you sleep at night, it is crucial to not skip the use of Korean moisturiser as part of your nighttime Korean skincare routine.

To make the most out of your best facial moisturiser Australia, first ensure that your skin is cleared from any traces of impurities by double cleansing with your choice of Korean face cleansers, then follow with toner, essence/serum/ampoule and eye cream. Finish by layering your moisturiser while your other skincare products are still moist to quickly lock in all the hydration and moisture.

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