Types of nail polish finishes

When shopping for nail polish online, it is often important to be able to identify the different finishes of your nail polish. Nail polish online comes in a variety of finishes for you to choose from

  • Cream: Cream finish nail polish Australia is some of the most commonly found in the market. They have milky, opaque colour with a smooth and shiny finish. These types of nail polishes usually need about 1-3 layers for the perfect final look. With infinite shades to choose from, cream nail polish Australia allows you to try on and create different nail makeup looks from a combination of colours. 
  • Shimmer: Shimmer nail polish has metallic pigment and very fine glitter particles. Unlike glitter nail polish, shimmer nail polish leaves fully pigmented bases with consistent-looking particles. They give your nails a more subtle sparkle and can be used by layering them onto cream-type nail polishes.
  • Jelly: Jelly nail polishes have unique, slightly translucent colours that give the illusion of bouncy, squishy nails. They come in cute colours and leave a more subtle finish compared to other nail polishes. Jelly nail polishes are nonetheless buildable, enabling you to apply several layers for a more intense, vivid colour payoff.
  • Textured: Textured nail polishes have a unique texture that is not smooth. They can feel rather bumpy to the touch, from densely-packed granules, sand or glitter particles that form the base of the polish.
  • Matte: Matte nail polishes are somewhat similar to cream nail polishes, however, the main difference between them is the finish and texture when they dry. Matte nail polishes do not reflect light, giving them a sleek, solid finish. The trick to perfecting any matte nail polish application is to apply them quickly and in a uniform manner as this type of nail polish online tend to dry out faster.
  • Metallic: Metallic nail polishes give your nails a metal-like, high-intensity gleam. They reflect light and stand out with a mirror-like finish, making them the most eye-catching nail polishes. To create the best metallic nail polish look, apply a few uniform layers all over your nails until it looks opaque and vivid.
  • Glitter: Glitter nail polish Australia, just like its name, is usually a transparent or translucent polish that has glitter particles suspended in it. These glitter particles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to create a unique, beautiful finish on your nails. They can be used on top of cream or jelly nail polish for added sparkle and shine.

How to apply Korean nail polish?

For the best nail makeup finish, you should start by first removing any traces of old nail polish from your nails using a nail polish remover. You can also use nail tools to trim your cuticles and nails to the desired shape. Next, start by applying a base coat to protect your nails. Base coats also help in giving your polish a smother colour payoff as it fills in any ridges, grooves and uneven texture. Allow your base coat to dry before applying the nail polish online colour of your choice.

Now it is time to give some colour to your nails! Choose between the different nail polish finishes and apply in smooth strokes starting from the base of your nail that is closest to the cuticles. Ensure that you do this in a single, smooth, outward stroke to prevent the polish from clumping. You may need to apply a few layers before achieving the desired final look. Once your coloured polish has dried, apply a layer of top coat to protect the colours and prevent it from chipping or flaking for a longer-lasting finish.

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