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What are Korean nail products?

Every colour of the rainbow, now on your nails! Explore our eclectic mix of hues, then match different shades and finishes to suit your style. Korean nail products are a variety of nail makeup, nail care, nail art and tools that are used on your fingernails and toenails. Together, they provide everything from nourishment and moisturise, to colour, shine and added gloss on your fingernails and toenails to perfect and match your outfits. Nail supplies in Australia are relatively simple to use and apply, with most if not all nail polishes and nail care products coming with a small and flexible brush applicator. This brush allows for effortless, smooth and even application of any nail polish colour and nail care.

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Types of Korean nail products and how to use them

Korean nail supplies in Australia range from different colours of polishes, with various textures and finishes, as well as nail art stickers, tools, nail polish remover and so on. Together, they use of different Korean nail products will help you achieve the perfect nail art look!

  • Nail Polish: Nail polishes provide your nails with different colours. These nail products come in a large variety of almost every shade thinkable with different finishes such as creamy, matte, shimmer, glitter, metallic, jelly, textured and so on. Most nail polishes require a few layers of application to give a smooth, vivid and flawless finish. Simply use the attached nail polish brush and use gentle, outward strokes starting from the base of your nails to the tips. You can combine different nail polish colours to achieve your desired nail makeup look.

    Sometimes, you may find that your nail polishes start to dry out, clump or separate when they are stored vertically and have not been used for some time. The best solution for this is to gently roll the bottle in between your palms to mix the polish evenly before usage. It is important to also ensure that your nail polish and nail products are still within their best dates of usage and discarding anything that has gone past its expiration date or starts to change colours.

  • Nail Care: Nail care products provide your nails with ample nutrients and moisture to strengthen your nails, prevent them from flaking or chipping. At the same time, they can also prevent your nails and cuticles from drying out even when you have nail makeup on. For best results, it is recommended to apply nail care products when you are not using any nail polish or nail art stickers to allow it to penetrate better into your nails. To apply your nail care products, you can do so in the same manner as you would when applying your coloured nail products, starting from the base of your nails with gentle strokes outwards towards the tip of your nails. If required, you may also choose to apply a few layers of your nail care products especially if you have very dry, chapped and flaky nails.
  • Nail Art and Tools: Nail art and nail tools are used to enhance your manicure and pedicure. Nail art such as nail stickers come in either full-sized that covers your nails completely like a finished nail makeup, or in the form of textured gems and stones that can be pasted onto your nails. Nail tools are used to trim away long nails, reshape, smooth and buff out your nails to give it finishing touches as you complete your nail makeup look.
  • Nail Polish Remover: Nail polish removers are special liquids used specifically to melt away and remove nail polish from your nails. Nail polish removers can also be used to remove any nail art that is difficult to remove with regular soap and water. They come in a liquid formulation that will then be applied onto a cotton pad, placed to soak and then gently rubbed onto your nail polish to remove it.

Due to its finish that may be drying for those with dry skin, it is recommended to always wash your hands using a gentle hand wash after using any nail polish remover to prevent your skin and cuticles from dryness. Follow with a hand cream or moisturized if required to keep your hands and nails silky smooth and soft.

Where can I buy Korean nail supplies in Sydney?

Achieving the perfect salon finish nails can be done from the comfort of your own home using nail supplies Australia products. Shop all your Korean nail supplies in Sydney at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia.