What is a Face Mist?

Korean face mists or hydrating face mist spray are water-based liquids dispensed with convenient spray bottles that quickly replenish hydration and moisture levels of your skin. Korean face mist spray Australia are made with a wide variety of ingredients like traditional herbs, plant and fruit extracts, hyaluronic acid or gentle chemical exfoliants to cater to different skin needs such as dryness, oil control, nourishment or brightening and whitening.

Face mists are one of the most versatile K beauty skincare products because of their ability to quickly refresh, energize and hydrate skin to give its much-needed nutrients and protective benefits. Apart from being used as a one-stop solution to restore your skin’s moisture balance, face mist spray can be used for a variety of other purposes such as toning, setting makeup or even making your DIY mask sheets!

While conventional face mist spray comes in solely water-type formulation, some face mists have a bi-phase texture, meaning they have a smooth layer of oil on top of them that will mix when the bottle is shaken. The addition of nut, plant or seed oils can retain hydration levels for longer durations as compared to those that are solely water-based.

Who will benefit from facial mists?

Because of their versatility, facial mists will be greatly beneficial for all skin types in any weather. While they are often associated with hotter summer days when your skin is in need of refreshing and cooling skincare products, Korean face mists can also be used in winter or any other season to help give your skin added hydration and comfort. In fact, your skin will benefit from facial mist spray a lot more in winter due to the lack of moisture in the atmosphere.

Keeping your skin well moisturized and hydrated at all times, it will allow the skin to remain healthy, supple, smooth and also helps refresh and energize tired-looking, dull complexion. Also, they can be used at any time of the day even when layered above sun care products, without ruining your existing skincare, makeup or making your skin appear greasy!

Depending on each facial mist’s main ingredient, some are designed to leave your skin with a glowing, dewy finish while others are formulated with sebum control ingredients such as gentle exfoliants to prevent shine and grease. If your skin is on the oilier side or prone to breakouts and inflammation, it is recommended to opt for water-based face mist spray with ingredients such as gentle exfoliants, tea tree, aloe vera or Centella Asiatica which work by controlling excess sebum and keeping the skin soothed and calm at the same time. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be dry, opt for ingredients such as ceramides or hyaluronic acid; you can even select bi-phased hydrating mist for a boost of added moisture.

How to use face mist spray?

Using hydrating mists is relatively simple, simply shake the bottle gently and position the face mist spray bottle about 15cm away from your face. Close your eyes and spray liberally to ensure that the mist is evenly distributed on your skin, then gently tap to promote absorption.

Apart from that, there are other creative ways in which hydrating face mists can be used. They can be used as a toner to replenish your skin’s hydration levels as a first step of your skincare routine after cleansing, either by spraying it directly onto your skin or soaking a cotton pad that can be swept over your face. In doing so, your skin will be able to better absorb remaining skincare steps such as facial oils and balm, as well as spot care treatments.

In addition, face mist spray can also be used as a DIY mask, patch or pad simply by spraying a mask sheet or a few cotton pads with a generous amount of face mist, then placing it over your face for 15-20 minutes like a mask sheet or toner pad.

Finally, face mist spray is often used to set makeup, giving it a fresh, dewy and glowing finish. It is a mess-free, quick and easy way to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and prevent makeup from oxidizing or smudging. Misting your makeup sponges or brushes with a few spritzes of hydrating mist can help your foundation apply more seamlessly and not appear cakey, flaky or dry.

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