Types of Korean Eye Shadow

Korean eyeshadow makeup comes in a variety of formulas and types to suit your individual needs.

    • Powder Eyeshadow: Powder eyeshadows are the most commonly found types of eyeshadow makeup in Australia. They pressed into small, individual pans or come in the form of a palette that looks like pressed powder. They have a smooth, blendable formula that can be applied to your eyelids using a small eyeshadow brush or your fingertips. This type of Korean eye shadow can also be used to contour your face, as a face bush or bronzer or as eyeliner.


    • Liquid Eyeshadow: Liquid eyeshadow provide your eyes with highly pigmented, long-lasting colours without fallout or creasing. They are easy to apply, highly blendable and smooth formula that dries quickly. Liquid eyeshadows are perfect when you want to apply glitter or shimmery shades as they can also be easily layered over other eyeshadow products.


    • Cream Eyeshadow: Cream eyeshadows come in a thick, dense formula that can easily be packed onto your eyelids without having to drag or tug on your eyelids. They have a long-wearing formula that blends seamlessly with different colours and textures. Cream eyeshadows can be applied using a Korean eyeshadow brush or your fingertips.


  • Stick Eyeshadow: Stick or crayon eyeshadow come in a slender, pencil-like tube with a solid, firm product that looks like a crayon. This type of Korean eyeshadow Australia is designed for quick, easy, mess-free eyeshadow application that leaves effortlessly smooth, pigmented and long-lasting colours. Simply swipe it over your eyelids or gently blend it out to achieve a smoky eye look.


How to use Korean Eye Shadow?

Before applying your favourite eyeshadow makeup, it is important to first ensure that your eye area has been thoroughly cleaned using a gentle lip and eye makeup remover to melt away any residual impurities or leftover makeup products. Follow with an eyeshadow primer or base to help the colours last longer, giving it a more vivid payoff and prevent creasing. Alternatively, you can use a small amount of concealer on your upper eyelids to even out its colour and help enhance the shades of your eyeshadow that you will apply.

After your eyeshadow primer or base has slightly dried, you can start applying your choice of eyeshadow Australia using a brush or your ring finger. Be sure to use gentle, light motions as the eye area is the most sensitive. Feel free to experiment with a combination of different colours and finishes ranging from matte, shimmery or glitter Korean eyeshadow. Once you have achieved your desired eyeshadow makeup look, it is time to accentuate and take your eye makeup to the next level with mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil or tint, to give your eyes added dimension and a livelier finish!

No makeup look is complete without alluring eyes! It is true that your eyes can speak a lot about your personality and is often the first thing that people notice. Shop the best Korean eyeshadow makeup products at BONIIK from our wide selection of skincare and makeup brands to suit your style and achieve the looks that you are after!