Millions of skincare lovers choose Innisfree as their favourite brand, every day! Just read the thousands of reviews on every one of Innisfree's products and their Jeju ingredients.

Between green tea seed, natural ingredients and volcanic elements, Innisfree offers one of the most beautiful, authentic beauty ranges available in Australia. Allowing customers to get all of the volcanic and natural benefits from Jeju island, Jeju ingredients formulate cult-favourite Innisfree products, across the globe. Shop the full range of Innisfree today with BONIIK. Free shipping on all stock and orders over $55.

Natural Benefits from Jeju Island

So, what are the natural benefits from Jeju island, volcanic activity, and Innisfree products? With its natural volcanic activity, the soil on Jeju island is high in minerals, making it pure and free from any chemicals or pesticides. This volcanic activity creates the perfect ecosystem for plants to flourish. The Jeju ingredients harvested from Jeju island are of world-class quality and is safe to use on for all skin types.

By combining the purest, volcanic, natural Jeju ingredients with technologically advanced methods, Innisfree Australia is able to provide a range of the best Korean beauty products that will effectively resolve various types of ailments. From oily skin to acne prone skin, sensitive skin, dry skin to enlarged pores, Innisfree Australia offers highly effective solutions to every type of skin. Thousands of Australians and international skincare enthusiasts invest in Innisfree to get all of the beautiful benefits Jeju Island.

The Innisfree brand’s mission to protect and practice eco-friendly and green processing methods is reflected in its goal to use sustainable packaging, preserve, and protect nature’s vitality by promoting beauty through natural products. Shop the full Innisfree range with BONIIK today.

Popular Innisfree Products

No Sebum Mineral Powder

The best Innisfree products include the No Sebum Mineral Powder. A smooth, loose powder that helps control excess sebum, prevents breakouts and acne, leaving the skin with the mattified finish and set makeup. The natural benefits from Jeju ingredients allow this product to be a cult-favourite in thousands of skincare routines.

With naturally-derived mint extracts, mineral salt from Jeju Island lava seawater, this powder has won several awards including the 2018 Allure and the 2019 Glow Pick awards. It is no surprise that it remains a steady global bestseller since its launch of the product with all-natural ingredients. 

Not only has this powder become a popular choice among K beauty and makeup lovers, due to its lightweight and compact size, the no sebum mineral powder is also multifunctional. Other uses of this award-winning powder include keeping your scalp fresh to prevent limp, greasy-looking hair as well as on your body to absorb excess sweat. Read the fantastic reviews of this product to learn more about how functional the powder really is! At BONIIK, we are pleased to stock this absolutely incredible product from Innisfree. Shop online or in-store.

Green Tea Seed Line

Another fan-favourite where you benefit from Jeju ingredients and Innisfree is their famous green tea seed line, particularly the green tea seed serum. Formulated with fresh, organically grown green tea leaves from South Korea, this hydrating and refreshing green tea care line helps replenish the skin’s optimal level of hydration that results in a plump and dewy complexion. 

The Innisfree green tea range is infused with green tea extracts and helps to re-energize and brighten up tired-looking, dull skin tone, and stressed skin by giving it a well-rested appearance with consistent usage. The green tea line also has fast-absorbing properties with ingredients and benefits from Jeju island that can be used at any time of the day, even underneath makeup without greasiness or sticky residue. The products include the green tea seed serum, which is a hydrating serum for every skin tone, the green tea seed cream, and the essence in lotion, all of which are made with the main ingredient – green tea.

Perfect for those with normal or combination concerns, Innisfree Green Tea is the go-to skincare line if you are looking for something that is lightweight, yet long-lasting and offers fresh hydration.

Orchid Eye Cream

The Orchid skin care line is known for providing anti-aging, gentle benefits to the skin and includes one of the brand's most popular products, the Orchid Eye Cream. With naturally derived hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, as well as Jeju soybean, the eye cream is set to promote collagen production, helping the skin to feel smoother and plumper. 

Other popular lines include the Volcanic Clay Skin Care Line, which originates from super volcanic clusters on Jeju Island to deeply exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, assist with enlarged pores, and stop excess oil production. The Jeju Cherry Blossom range is also a K beauty favourite - offering a lotion, jelly cream, tone up cream made from cherry blossom and Jeju volcanic clusters. Finally, you may have also heard about the best selling Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream, made from black tea and formulated to revitalise tired, dull skin.

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