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Despite its main focus on anti aging skin care, Sulwhasoo Australia products can be used as early as your 20s, to delay premature aging of the skin and boost its immunity for increased resilience against external environmental stress and free radical damage.

An International Cult-Favourite

From concentrated ginseng renewing cream to activating serums, each of Sulwhasoo's beauty and skin care line is specially formulated with different active ingredients to target individual skin concerns such as lack of vitality, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark age spots. These are all concerns that can be targeted through anti aging skincare like serum and cream with Sulwhasoo. Most notably, Sulwhasoo is the proud provider of the famous concentrated ginseng renewing line that dominates the beauty market.

Popular Sulwhasoo Products

When we think of Sulwhasoo Korea, its iconic global beauty bestseller, First Care Activating Serum is likely to be the first and essential product that comes to mind.

This signature product has been a favourite among K beauty lovers with nearly half a million consumers of the activating serum worldwide. Unlike other skin care serums, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is a uniquely formulated type of serum that is applied as the first step of your skin care routine right after cleansing. The first care activating serum contains potent nourishing ingredients like white lotus, sacred lotus, peony, Solomon's seal, and adhesive rehmannia, that boost absorption of other skin care products, while brightening, tightening, and moisturising the skin.

The purpose of Sulwhasoo's beauty cream and serum varieties is to boost the absorption and effectiveness of the remaining skin care steps that are layered on your skin. The main ingredients of first care activating serum include Korean traditional herbs and Sulwhasoo’s patented JAUM activator that increases skin cell regeneration, firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles overnight.

Sulwahoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Line

There's no doubt that the Sulwahoo concentrated ginseng renewing activating serum and concentrated ginseng renewing cream are some of the most sought out brightening and anti aging products on the Korean skincare market. Most notably, the concentrated ginseng renewing cream is infused with red ginseng and retinol to strengthen the skin's barrier and reduce signs of aging and fine lines. The concentrated ginseng renewing serum is backed by more than fifty years of ginseng research and is synonymous with the 'ageless beauty' brand ethos.

You can shop all of this skincare, including your favourites like the concentrated renewing cream, concentrated ginseng renewing serum EX, brightening serum or lip makeup through our online store!

Sulwhasoo Cosmetics

Apart from being a popular choice for anti aging skin care, the brand is also known for its makeup products, specifically the Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion. As a K Beauty enthusiast, you've likely heard of the perfecting cushion by Sulwhasoo as it is one of the most popular cosmetic products on the market.

The Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion is an essential makeup product that gives the skin a luminous, silky-smooth and flawless glow by providing it with adequate coverage, sun care and wrinkle care. The highly hydrating and moisturising finish offered by the perfecting cushion leaves long-lasting adherence that offers brightening and does not clump or smudge. You can shop the perfecting cushion and other cosmetics online.

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Being one of the most luxurious Korean beauty brands in the world, Sulwhasoo prides itself in delivering the best skin care products, embodying the use of Korean traditional herbal remedies that is coupled with modern scientific technology in all of its products.

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