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*We are the official distributor of PERIPERA in Australia.*

PERIPERA is a trendy, fun and girlish brand under the parent company Clio Cosmetics. Since its launch in 2005, PERIPERA has captured the attention of younger population with its high quality, yet affordable cosmetics. It emphasizes on bright and vibrant coloured makeup with eye-catching hues, as well as its simple, playful and fun packaging. PERIPERA is named after 'Peri', a fairy in Persian mythology to exemplify the brand's romantic, feminine and youthful personality. Officially launching for the first time in Australia at BONIIK, it lets users express their personal style with different shades.

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Get Inspired by Your Inner Child with PERIPERA | BONIIK Blog

Get Inspired by Your Inner Child with PERIPERA

Make yourself up and please your inner child with an array of colourful, trendy and fun cosmetics because hey, who said vibrant colours are only for little girls? PERIPERA is a brand under CLIO Cosmetics which was launched in South Korea in 2005. You can think of PERIPERA as CLIO’s little sister who is free spirited, trendy, playful and fun! Its name is derived from the word ‘Peri’, a fairy in Persian mythology to embody its romantic, feminine and youthful brand persona. PERIPERA has stolen our hearts with their cute, fun and appealing packaging with unique shades that give off a bright payoff in just one swipe.