These tools are very easy to use and can help you achieve a dewy, glowing finish just by dampening it; or even achieve full makeup with higher coverage levels effortlessly. Both makeup puff and sponge can be used by anyone regardless of your level of makeup knowledge and ability.

Differences between Korean makeup puff and sponge

While both Korean makeup puff and sponge serve similar purposes, there is a distinctive feature and benefit that differentiates the two from one another. Makeup sponges work best when they are slightly damp and tend to soak up more of your makeup product, which is why it helps to keep them damp with some water.

In addition, makeup sponges come in a teardrop shape or small wedges which allow you to easily apply makeup on harder to reach areas such as the inner corners of your eyes and around your nose.

On the other hand, Korean makeup puffs have flat shapes that pick up just the right amount of product and better apply it on your skin, leaving a smooth, airy, second-skin-like finish that can be easily built up.

They are also easier to carry around with you when travelling as their sleek, compact size can be easily placed inside any powder or cushion makeup case. Apart from that, Korean makeup puffs are very gentle to use on sensitive, delicate skin which makes them great alternatives to other beauty tools like makeup brushes.

How to use a Korean makeup puff sponge?

To use Korean makeup sponges, you should start by dampening your beauty blender slightly, with a few sprays of water. Dip the damp makeup sponge into your choice of makeup product such as your liquid face foundation, then use quick tapping motions to apply it onto your face.

It is recommended to start with thin layers and slowly build up coverage to ensure that you have a smooth, natural and flawless finish that does not appear too thick or cakey. Repeat this process with your liquid blush, highlighter and contour until you have achieved the desired makeup look.

When it comes to using makeup puffs for liquid-type makeup like liquid foundation, cushion makeup and so on, you can choose to dampen it slightly for a dewier, lightweight finish. Alternatively, you can use it as it is for fuller, higher coverage levels.

To use a makeup cushion, simply press it against your cushion makeup or onto liquid makeup that has been dispensed at the back of your hand, then lightly tap in quick motions over the desired area. Like using a makeup sponge, it is recommended to start in thin layers and slowly build up coverage.

Powder puffs that are flocked in texture can be used for powder-based makeup products like face powders, setting powders and even face blushes. Due to their fluffy and soft texture, they can be used easily to apply makeup on large surface areas and make excellent tools to reapply or touch up makeup even when you are on the go. Simply use your powder puff to take an adequate amount of makeup powder and tap it directly onto your face until the desired coverage is achieved.

How to care for your Korean makeup puff sponge?

As your Korean makeup tools and accessories are used frequently and come in direct contact with your face, it is important to keep them clean and fresh as this will prevent bacterial growth that can cause skin problems such as acne, breakouts, irritation and clogged pores. To clean your Korean beauty blender and cushion puffs, it is recommended to soak them in water to dissolve any impurities and residual makeup.

You can even add a small amount of your facial wash or cleansing solution for a deeper cleanse of your makeup tools and accessories. Once the sponges and puffs have been soaked, gently squeeze any excess water and pat it dry using a clean towel. Leave it to air dry before using.

Unlike beauty accessories such as false eyelashes that need to be disposed of after a few uses, a makeup puff sponge can last you several weeks depending on usage. Keeping them clean and fresh is the key to making sure that you make the best use out of them! Nonetheless, if you are a frequent makeup wearer, you may want to consider replacing your makeup puff sponge every month or two for hygiene reasons. 

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