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What is Korean lip liner?

Korean lip liner is a lip makeup product that outlines your lips to give them a fuller, plumper and vivid appearance. Unlike other lip makeup products like lip gloss, lip tints or even lipsticks, lip pencils have a sharper, often tapered or flat tip that makes drawing lines precise and easy. When used together with other lip makeup products, they can provide longer staying power by preventing your lip makeup from smudging or feathering at the corners.

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Apart from being able to achieve the perfect lip makeup every time, the best lip liner can also double as a lipstick simply by filling your lips in instead of just outlining its edges. With its creamy texture that dries and sets in no time, lip liners make versatile, multipurpose makeup products that can be carried around easily in your purse or makeup pouches for quick makeup touch-ups on the go!

How to choose the best lip liner?

Choosing your lip liner shade may seem like a daunting task at first as the colour needs to be slightly darker than the lip makeup shade you are using, yet still natural-looking. With so many different shades ranging from bold red, dark plum, soft pink to even black, there is always a lip contour shade for every lipstick colour. The key to selecting the best lip liner is to find a colour that is one or two shades darker than your lipstick and ensuring that it belongs to the same colour family. Another tip is to find a shade that is as close as possible to your natural lip colour if you are only looking to get one lip liner.

Some lip liners come in neutral, translucent or colourless shades that are designed to give your lips a smoother outline. This kind of colour can be paired easily with any lipstick or lip tint shade.

How to use Korean lip liner?

Before applying your favourite lip makeup products, it is important to always ensure that your lips have been properly cleaned and that there are no impurities such as lipstick residue. Do this by using a gentle lip and eye makeup remover if required, you can also gently exfoliate your lips to slough away dead, dry skin cells. For longer-lasting lip colours, we recommend applying some lip balm to create a smooth base.

Start drawing the outline of your lips using a lip pencil that has been sharpened, by identifying the highest points of your cupid’s bow and lightly marking it, repeat this step on your lower lips but mark the centermost point. Using short, light strokes carefully draw along your lips with your lip contour until you have achieved your desired shape. Next, you can simply apply your lipstick and carefully blend it in with your lip liner using either a lip brush or your fingertips to create a natural, soft finish and blur out any harsh lines. Finish with a lip gloss for a dewy, glossy lip makeup look, or lightly dust some setting powder to give it a mattified finish.

To achieve fuller, plumper looking lips with a lip contour, you can overline your lips slightly and fill it out with your choice of lipstick. Mastering the use of the best lip liner may take some practice before you can draw perfect lip lines every time, the key to precise lines is ensuring that you are using a fresh, sharp lip pencil.

In addition to filling in uneven areas or creating the illusion of plumper and fuller-looking lips, lip pencils give your lips contour and allow them to stand out. Regardless of the colour of your lip makeup, there is always the best lip liner for you! Shop at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia to complete your K beauty makeup look!