What are Korean Body Care Products?

Body care products include body wash, lotions and emulsions, creams or even mists that are applied to your body to deliver moisture and nourishment to the skin. Like skincare products that are applied onto the face the best body care, Australia comes in different formulation to cater to different skin types. They tend to have stronger formulation as the skin on the body is thicker and less prone to sensitivity compared to the face.

Body care products in Australia that are used on a daily basis by a majority of people include body wash and body lotion (otherwise known as body moisturiser, as they make up the most basic body care routine. Not only do they ensure that your body feels and remains fresh all day, but they also help your skin maintain adequate moisture levels to prevent the skin from flaking or cracking. Nonetheless, adding body care products like body scrubs can help boost skin cell regeneration, buff away dead, rough texture and at the same time help unclog pores to increase absorption and effectiveness of other body care products.

Body mists have seen an increase in popularity thanks to their efficient, mess-free application while providing the skin with adequate moisture. Body mists work like any other body moisturiser, but with a much finer and fast-absorbing texture. They can be used together with body lotions and creams by providing the skin with an additional layer of moisture without weighing it down or making it greasy.

What are Korean Hair Care Products?

Haircare products include shampoo, conditioner, scalp care, hair treatments and essences that provide nourishment to your hair from root to tip. It is no question that shampoo and conditioners make up most, if not every person’s daily hair care routine. But sometimes, your scalp and hair require additional treatment on top of your daily shampoo and conditioner, as the hair is prone to dryness and damage caused by a lack of nutrients or external environmental factors. Incorporating products such as scalp care can help strengthen hair roots, boost hair strength and elasticity while balancing optimal moisture levels.

If you have coloured or chemically hair, adding hair essence and hair treatment products can help prevent split ends, brittle hair and keep the hair looking silky-smooth and shiny. However, it is important to find hair care products that are safe to use on coloured and chemically-treated hair to prevent the colours from fading. Korean hair essence and hair treatment can also be used before using any heating or styling tools, as they protect your hair against damage and dehydration from the heat. This will also help in leaving your hair with a glossy silky-smooth finished look before you apply hair spray.

How to select the best body & hair products for your skin?

Selecting the best body & hair products is similar to choosing any other beauty products for your skin. First, identify your skin type and hair type correctly for best results. Next, ensure that the body & hair products you have selected are made with skin-friendly ingredients without the addition of any harmful chemicals such as parabens, drying chemicals or other potential irritants that can cause various skin concerns in those that are hypersensitive. When adding a new product to anybody and hair care routine, you may also do a spot test where you try a small amount of product on your skin to look out for any signs of reactions. Although rare, spot tests are recommended for those with irritation-prone, sensitive skin.

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