CLIO | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

*We are the official distributor of CLIO in Australia.*

CLIO Professional has a long history of showcasing their beautiful and stylish makeup in by professional makeup artists from South Korea. Established in 1993 as the first colour cosmetic brand, CLIO's brand name originated from a Greek goddess and has built its brand philosophy around "Practical Professional" allowing for the ease of use of professional makeup products.

Officially launching for the first time in Australia at BONIIK, CLIO promises to allow its users to express their personality with its innovative, high quality and stylish products, as well as be confident and feel beautiful with your own style.

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CLIO and PERIPERA: Magnify and Elevate Your Inner Beauty | BONIIK Blog

CLIO : Magnify and Elevate Your Inner Beauty

Who else agrees that self confidence is the best makeup that one can wear? Well, makeup is self-confidence directly applied to the face if you haven’t heard already, and wearing the right makeup can be pretty powerful! We got you beauty queens, you will totally fall head over heels with our newest makeup brand - CLIO! Launching officially for the first time in Australia at BONIIK, let’s explore this beauty in more detail and find the makeup product and shades to suit and express your style the way you want!