Popular I’m From Products

The iconic I'm From skincare range is a household name in K beauty. 

Who is not familiar with the K beauty favourite I'm From cosmetics rice skincare line that quickly illuminates and softens skin? Perhaps you've heard of the super calming I'm from skincare mugwort line that solves common skin concerns from dehydration, irritation, sensitivity to troubled skin! These all-time favourites and global bestsellers from I'm From have won the hearts of numerous skin care lovers and it is no surprise that they have remained beauty staples all year long.

I'm From rice skincare line is made with Yeoju rice, grown in a region known for top quality rice in South Korea. Rice has been used in Asian traditional remedies for centuries, thanks to its nourishing properties and high nutrient content. The benefits of adding I'm From rice into your skincare routine include a brighter complexion, increased skin elasticity and prevention of premature aging signs to keep the skin youthful, fresh and dewy.

Another popular product from the I'm From is the brand's mugwort line, which is made with real mugwort extract from Ganghwa, Korea. With potent detoxifying properties that can be used on all skin types, the I’m From mugwort line helps alleviate redness, irritated or heated skin with its potent soothing properties while restoring hydration levels.

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