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With a commitment to provide simple, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and natural skincare and cosmetics, KLAIRS offers safe Korean skincare and makeup that is suitable for everyone and is well on their way to becoming a fully vegan brand, now with a number of their products already approved and certified by the Vegan Society. Their products are suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin. KLAIRS carefully selects superior ingredients to deliver the best quality and effective products to its consumers.

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KLAIRS: Simple, Mild, yet Powerful | BONIIK Blog

KLAIRS: Simple, Mild, Yet Powerful

KLAIRS is a well-loved Korean beauty brand established in 2010 under Wishcompany, with a mission to curate products that can be safely used on all skin, including sensitive skin. They believe in the power of functional ingredients that do not require the addition of chemicals such as artificial fragrances, colouring, harmful additives and so on that could potentially wreak havoc on your skin. They are also highly committed in moving towards becoming a vegan-friendly brand by using only necessary ingredients. KLAIRS never tests its products on animals as they believe that there is absolutely no need to harm animals for our cosmetic purposes. Yay to #crueltyfree! So, are you ready to jump in with us to explore KLAIRS a little deeper?