You can have all the gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and highlighters in the world. Still, without a reliable set of brushes and other makeup accessories, your cosmetics can't live up to their full potential, nor will you be able to create a variety of stunning makeup looks. Using the best tools at your disposal will elevate any look and help you make the most out of your makeup and skincare products. Whether you want to create a definite crease or a subtle shading for a daytime look, our range of Korean accessories and applicators make all the difference.

Why use our Korean Makeup Accessories

Most women aren't professional artists, but that doesn't mean it stops us from looking our best.

Makeup accessories, even the most basic, ensure that every cosmetic-wearing girl can effortlessly apply their makeup in record time and look flawless through the day. While our application products provide the benefit of extending your lipstick life and foundation, Boniik also stocks products for makeup removal and aiding your skincare routine. Products include hypoallergenic cotton pads for your toners, oil blotting linens and face and shower exfoliators. Boniik also provides disposable beauty accessories, including eyeshadow applicators and makeup sponges perfect for travel or on-the-go looks.

The best makeup accessories every girl needs at her disposal are for high-quality application and storage purposes. These products include: 

Mirrors: Large or compact, a handheld mirror is a must-have. Seeing is believing.

Makeup bags and cases: The organisation of your skincare products and your favourite makeup brands is the key to efficiency and ensuring you leave your home on time for work. From travel to the comfort of home, a quality makeup bag or case can serve you well.

Brushes: From the angled contour brush, fluffy powder brush to blending brushes for your eyeshadow, makeup brushes of all sizes provide any professional look you desire while protecting your makeup from finger contamination.

Cleansing facial pads: Refresh and revitalise the complexion and ensure all makeup, dirt and impurities are effectively removed from the face after a hard day in the office with our soft and skin-nourishing facial wipes.

False eyelashes: Shhhh. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with us! Brighten the eyes and transform an understated day look to alluring makeup with our top fave selection of falsies! Fluttery, layered or dramatic, the eye looks are endless!

Eyelash curlers: Droopy eyelashes? Sorry we don't know her! No makeup accessories collection is complete with the staple eyelash curlers. Brighten your eyes and make them pop with our handy eyelash curlers.

Reusable makeup sponges and puffs: Flawless foundation and making a blush 'POP' cannot be applied without makeup sponges and puffs. Our cushy makeup sponges are soft on the skin, hand washable and feature angled tips to get to the hard to reach areas and contours of the face!

Portable nail clippers: Don't act so surprised. There's nothing worse than a poorly done manicure or gross looking nails. Our lightweight and portable clippers can maintain a gorgeous Mani and Pedi without any issues. 

Any questions about a particular makeup accessory or can't find what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to reach out to the Boniik team today, and we'll be happy to assist you!