Originating from South Korea, the best sleeping mask Australia has grown in popularity because of their excellent skin repairing and boosting abilities that are superior to most other beauty products, making them an essential skincare product to add to your Korean skincare routine.

This type of mask is used when your skin goes into renewing mode by regenerating new, healthy cells. This process takes place at night and at its prime time when you are asleep, which is why getting adequate sleep is also important in maintaining your skin’s health. Contrary to the popular misconception that sleeping masks are greasy or sticky, they are actually not as messy as other types of facial masks and have excellent absorption to prevent the product from rubbing off on your pillowcases or sheets.

Unlike wash-off mask packs and nose packs, the best sleeping mask Korean do not need to be washed immediately. They can be left on the skin for longer durations as compared to mask sheets, lip and eye mask or hand and foot mask because they provide intensive, overnight care for your skin.

How to use a Korean sleeping mask?

To use the best sleeping mask Korean, it is recommended to start with your nighttime skincare routine by cleansing, toning your face and applying essences, serums or ampoules. Instead of applying your Korean moisturiser, you can use the sleeping mask instead. Leave the sleeping mask on overnight and rinse it away with water the next morning before you start your daytime skincare routine. Applying sleeping masks onto your skin about 20-30 minutes prior to bedtime will also be helpful in ensuring that it absorbs well into the skin.

Sleeping masks can be used in lieu of your moisturisers about once or twice a week depending on how your skin reacts. You can apply your best sleeping mask the night before an event to ensure that your skin is fresh, plump and revitalized which will allow for smoother makeup application. The reason why sleeping masks are not used on a daily basis is that overusing the best sleeping mask Korean can cause it to lose its efficacy over time. Therefore, it is recommended to use moisturisers every night, and reserve sleeping masks whenever your skin needs additional care.

In terms of whether the best sleeping mask Korean can be used during the day to replace your daytime moisturisers, it is recommended to only use sleeping masks at night because our skin naturally goes into ‘protective’ mode during the day to ward off free radicals and protect it from environmental damage. At night, however, the skin is able to restore its moisture levels and regenerate which makes it the best time to nourish it with an overnight Korean sleeping mask.

How to select the best sleeping mask?

In choosing the best overnight Korean sleeping mask Australia, an important factor is to find ingredients that contain high levels of hydration such as hyaluronic acid and beta-glucans, as well as overnight masks that have potent anti-aging ingredients to diminish wrinkles and combat premature signs of aging such as peptides, collagen and adenosine. If you have very dry skin, it is recommended to opt for the best sleeping mask Korean that contains ceramides to rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier, to help retain optimal moisture levels and alleviate sensitivity.

Apart from finding the best ingredients, it is also important to find products that leave out harmful, drying ingredients like harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, colourants. Harsh ingredients like these can strip away moisture from the skin and weaken the skin barrier, which results in increased skin sensitivity. Therefore, it is good to find the best sleeping mask Korean that has a skin-friendly, dermatologically-tested formula.

Regardless of your skin type and skin concerns, Korean overnight sleeping masks are the perfect addition to your nighttime skincare routine. Boasting numerous skin benefits from improving skin texture to increasing its luminosity and healthy glow, applying the best Korean sleeping mask Australia will give visible results in no time! Shop sleeping masks Australia at BONIIK, from our collection of the best K Beauty brands.