Types of Korean makeup brushes

There are a number of different Korean best makeup brushes, the most commonly found brushes that are essential for any makeup application are as follows:

  • Powder Brush: Powder brushes have large, soft and fluffy bristles that are loosely packed. They feel airy and light when brushes over your skin, giving you an airbrushed and natural finish. In addition, they are perfect for makeup touch-ups are they can cover larger surface areas quickly.
  • Stippling Brush: Stippling brushes are commonly used for liquid makeup products such as liquid foundations. Their short, densely packed and flat bristles allow for even and smooth application of liquid makeup products. You can use circular motions or tapping and dabbing motions to blend out your makeup products with this type of face brush.
  • Blending Brush: Blending brushes come in both small and large sizes, often identifiable by their soft, tapered and dense bristles. This allows for smoother and even blending of colours or for highlighting the higher points of your face like your brow bones, nose and cheekbones.
  • Angled brush: Angled brushes are characterised by their short bristles that are cut at an angle. They come in thin, precise tips to create a smooth line along with your eyes, eyebrows or lips. You can also use them for areas that require higher precision and are harder to reach such as the inner corner of your eyes or along your lash line before applying false eyelashes
  • Eye shadow brush: Eye shadow brushes come in small, slightly rounded, soft bristles that glide effortlessly on your eyes to apply any eye makeup in just one swipe. Because of their smooth and gentle texture, these brushes can be used safely on the most sensitive and delicate areas of your face.


How to use Korean makeup brushes?

Korean makeup brushes are mainly used to apply powder makeup products such as face powders, blush, contour and highlighter, as well as eye shadow. Nonetheless, some liquid-based or cream-based makeup products can also be applied using a brush such as a liquid foundation where you can use a stippling brush or foundation brush with densely packed and shorter bristles. On the other hand, if you are looking for a softer, airbrushed finish, it is recommended to use a brush with wider, fluffier bristles that will spread the makeup product more evenly over a larger surface area.

To use your makeup brushes, dip them into the makeup product of your choice and give it a little swirl. Then lightly tap any excess before applying it onto your face. You can layer your powder-based makeup products simply by repeating this process until you achieve the desired colour payoff. It is important to have different brushes for different makeup products to prevent the colours from appearing differently when applied to your face.

How to care for your Korean makeup brushes?

In order to care for your makeup brush online and ensure that they last for long durations, it is important to clean and store them the right way. Just like caring for your makeup puffs and sponges, it is recommended to wash your makeup brushes every week, as this will prevent the buildup of bacteria that can trigger acne, sensitivity or irritation.

When cleaning your makeup brushes, simply wet the bristles with water and apply a small amount of cleanser onto the bristles. You can choose to use your face wash or a brush cleansing liquid. Using your fingertips, gently rub the bristles and rinse them thoroughly in water until no makeup residue is remaining. Once your makeup tools have been thoroughly cleansed, you can gently squeeze out any excess water with a clean cloth and leave it to air dry

The best way to store your makeup brushes is by keeping them organized in an upright or flat to prevent the bristles from losing their shape. When storing a few brushes together, it is advisable to keep them from touching one another for hygiene purposes and prevent overcrowding of your brush holder. You can even choose to categorise them based on size for ease of access, such as storing face makeup brushes together and eye makeup brushes together.

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