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What are nail care products?

Nail care products include any nail treatment that works by moisturising, nourishing and strengthening the nails on your hands and feet. They come in bottles that are very similar to nail polishes, with a small brush applicator that can be applied onto your nails with ease.


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Types of nail care products

Nail care products come in various types, each to cater to different concerns. Nail care products can be used by everyone regardless of whether you are a frequent nail polish or nail art user. Using nail care products consistently can help keep your nails smooth and strong regardless of the changes in season or weather.

  • Nail Balm and Oil: These are the best nail care products for those with dry hands and nails, as they provide deep, long-lasting nourishment. Nail Balm and oil can be applied before and after nail makeup as they leave a smooth texture that will not cause your nail makeup to flake or chip.
  • Nail Serum: Works by repairing and nourishing brittle, fragile nails to make them less prone to chipping and breaking. Nail serums are best used on bare nails without any polish or sticker to help them absorb faster and effectively into the nails
  • Nail Calcium: Calcium nail builders are perfect for weak nails that split or chip easily. Supplementing your nails with adequate calcium helps improve their texture and strength.
  • Nail Strengthener: Also known as a nail hardener, it works by preventing nails from breakage and chipping. They are infused with an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and proteins that can make your nails harder. Nail strengtheners can be used underneath your nail polish or on their own by applying them on bare nails.

How to use nail care products?

Depending on the type of nail care products you are using, some are best used on clean, bare nails without any polish or nail makeup; while others can work even when applied on top of your existing nail makeup.

Nail care products such as nail oil and balm are best used on clean nails before applying any makeup or polish. They work by providing your nails with protection and moisture prior to applying nail polish, as well as prevent dryness, chipping and discolouration resulting from constant use of false nails and nail polish remover. Simply use the brush applicator and apply it all over your nails, you can also rub them onto your cuticles to keep them soft and moisturized. Once it has dried, you can continue your usual nail makeup routine.

Even if you are a nail art and makeup lover, it is important to give your nails some time without any nail art or makeup, as this will allow your nails to repair and strengthen it which will make it less prone to breakage, discolouration and flaking. Nourish and strengthen your nails with a nail serum or nail strengthener, ideally when you are not using any nail makeup product. This will also allow the nutrients and moisture to be absorbed fully into your nails.

How to choose the best nail care products?

When shopping for nail care online, it is important to know how to choose the best nail care products for your nails. As a rule of thumb, it is important to shop from reputable brands and those that do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens or any toxic chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions or sensitivity towards their strong scents.

Often, nail care products come in the form of a set, which includes manicure tools or accessories like a nail file, nail clippers, cuticle scissors along with the nail serum or balms that can be conveniently carried around in a small pouch or case.

Best nail care online is a must-have item for any nail makeup lover, because the key to perfecting your nail makeup every time is having smooth and strong natural nails. In addition to that, by having strong nails you can create your own professional quality nail makeup look with ease and free from the worry of your nail makeup products chipping or flaking. Shop Korean best nail care products at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia for all your beauty needs!