BB stands for beauty balms - tinted cream that can provide sheer, buildable coverage for fair, medium, and olive skin. BB cream can be used on all skin types - from dry to oily skin, leaving your skin illuminated and effortlessly, evenly toned. The best Korean BB creams will provide acne prone skin, dry skin, normal skin, mature skin, combination skin, and oily skin with sheer coverage while also working as part of the skincare routine. 

Whether your specific skin concerns are anti aging, acne scars, dark circles, or pesky blemishes, BB cream is a skin perfector for every type of skin. Apply BB cream for brightening benefits, anti aging properties, reducing redness, to help with excess oil production, all while ensuring that you're left with a healthy, glowy complexion. Yes, you read that right. If you're looking for a 'do it all product', BB cream is just that.

How to use BB Cream?

Before applying any makeup on your face, it is important to ensure that you have applied proper skin care that suits your skin concerns and skin types. Not only will the right skin care routine help in giving your skin a smooth and flawless base to work with, it can also increase the duration of makeup wear, leaving it fresh for longer without oxidizing easily. Before layering your BB cream, you can apply a layer of primer or makeup base to help blur out enlarged pores and fine lines.

Similar to tinted moisturisers, BB and CC Creams Australia are used instead of your regular liquid foundation or cushion foundation makeup. Long wearing and providing a flawless finish, BB and CC creams are one of those cult classic beauty products that every makeup lover should have for a natural looking day wear with a luminous finish You can use a foundation brush with soft bristles, a makeup sponge or beauty blender, or even your fingers to apply your BB cream.

When applying BB creams onto your face, it is recommended to start with small dots, and avoid applying the cream in streaks or in large amounts. As they provide less coverage than most face foundations, you may apply some concealer or corrector on problem areas such as over scars, dark spots or uneven skin tone. Once this has been done, apply face powder to set your base face makeup before applying blush, contour, and highlighter to accentuate your facial features. 

If you are going for a simpler, day to day makeup look for your skin tone, you can even apply BB cream on its own without having to apply your remaining makeup steps, or simply dust some face powder to prevent stickiness. Nonetheless, you should always ensure that you have adequate sun protection during the day, by opting for BB Creams which contain broad-spectrum protection sun care from UV rays.

BB cream can provide skin care benefits as well as coverage - a game changer for those that do not want a full foundation look. Coming in a matte finish, dewy finish, spf 15, spf 30, and spf 50 +, and every skin tone available, BONIIK stock a wide range of BB and CC creams -  you're bound to find the perfect choice for your skin and your skin tone.

Why Choose a BB Cream Over Full Coverage Foundation?

BB and CC creams are ideal if you like light coverage or don't like heavy makeup. BB creams can be made with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, providing skincare benefits while offering flawless coverage. Other favourite ingredients in the best Korean BB cream products include green tea extract, nourishing plant oils, antioxidant properties, Vitamins A, C, E, and marine jelly complex. You may even find the perfect cover BB cream with active ingredients specially formulated to target your skin concerns. 

Where foundation can exacerbate a skin concern or clog pores, BB cream products generally have a lightweight texture, work with sensitive skin, and hide skin imperfections without clogging pores.

The best BB cream will brighten dull skin, provide anti ageing benefits, hydrate dry skin, provide shine control, colour correction, and a natural finish. The lightweight formula of BB products are available in lightweight coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage with a natural look.


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