Types of Korean hand and foot care products

There are a number of commonly found hands and foot care products to choose from. These range from gentle hand wash and best hand cream Australia for daily use, as well as hand and foot masks to give your skin a pampering treat!

  • Hand Creams: Hand creams are common hand and foot care products that is an essential for everyone. Our hands are constantly exposed to external environmental stressors, prone to dryness from frequent hand washing and they come in contact with numerous objects every day. As a result, keeping them moisturized and soft at all times is important in preventing flaky, chapped skin or the formation of wrinkles and lines. By frequently using hand creams especially after washing your hands, it can help give your hands a visibly softer and comfortable feeling.

  • Hand Wash: Hand wash is perhaps the most commonly found type of hand and foot care product designed to gently cleanse away impurities from your hands while helping to maintain adequate moisture levels. Hand washes can come in different formulations including gel, cream or foam-type cleansers to suit individual preferences. Unlike body wash, hand wash Australia is designed to only be used on your hands as they are made with more potent antibacterial properties designed to be able to combat and shield against bacteria that our hands come in contact with.

  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are convenient cleansers for your hands that do not require the use of soap and water. They contain antibacterial properties, often from alcohol, to eliminate germs and leave your hands virtually germ-free. Hand sanitizers Australia come in different packaging sizes, including small travel sized packaging that can be taken with you on the go, keeping your hands clean at all times!

  • Hand Mask: Hand masks are deeply moisturising and nourishing hand and foot care products as they deliver nutrients deep into the skins layers. Hand masks Australia is unique as they come in the form of gloves that contain emulsion, giving you a convenient, mess-free way to moisturie your hands. While your skin is absorbing the nutrients from the hand mask, the convenient gloves allow you to continue with your activities without worrying about leaving greasy product residue!

  • Foot Mask: Foot masks are deeply nourishing and moisturising treatments for your feet. They come in the form of plastic socks containing nourishing essence or emulsion, and are worn over your feet. This way, you will have a mess-free foot spa treatment to help soften skin, even our skin texture and help repair damaged skin like cracked heels. Foot masks work best when used in conjunction with best foot cream Australia by locking in moisture to give you supple, smooth and soft feet.

  • Foot Scrub: Foot scrub is used to exfoliate, deeply cleanse and buff away rough, dead skin cells from your feet. Unlike body scrub, foot scrub is coarser in texture which makes them strong enough to remove harder, thicker skin that is found on our feet. In addition, when used together with a foot file, foot scrubs can help soften and prevent the formation of calluses, as well as cracked heels leaving your feet silky smooth to the touch. After exfoliating your feet, it is recommended to follow with best foot cream Australia. Best foot cream Australia works by replenishing and retaining moisture levels, speed up skin repair and regeneration especially after cleansing and exfoliation. Having soft and smooth feet is also a confidence booster when wearing open footwear!
Caring for your hands and feet properly can make all the difference in maintaining soft, smooth and supple skin. Find the best hand cream Australia and best foot cream Australia at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia