Who will benefit from clarifying moisturiser?

For those with oily, troubled, acne-prone skin that often experiences breakouts, finding the best facial moisturisers can seem rather tricky because conventional moisturisers tend to have a heavier texture with high concentrations of emollients which will benefit those with dry skin but can cause clogged pores in those with oily skin. Just because your skin is oily does not mean you will not need a moisturiser, because oily skin can still be dehydrated which will make fine lines and uneven skin texture look more obvious.

Aside from that, the accumulation of dead skin cells and impurities trapped within the pores can lead to breakouts and skin troubles if not eliminated properly, which is why ingredients such as AHA, BHA, PHA are helpful in keeping the pores clear and clean. Clarifying moisturisers can also be used for those with combination skin, especially during the warmer months when the skin is prone to being oilier due to increased humidity levels.

Unlike hydrating moisturisers, deeply moisturising moisturisers and nourishing moisturisers, clarifying moisturisers have purifying nature that controls excess sebum, prevent acne and clogged pores. They work best for those with oily and combination skin, but those with dry skin will require moisturisers that do not contain sebum controlling properties. In general, clarifying moisturisers have a lightweight, smooth and airy texture that replenishes hydration to the skin by creating a smooth layer of moisture that maintains optimal oil-water balance. They can glide smoothly on the skin’s surface, leaving it feeling instantly refreshed, balanced and supple.

How to select the best clarifying moisturiser?

Commonly found ingredients in the best Korean clarifying moisturisers include gentle chemical exfoliants like AHA, BHA, PHA that work by sloughing off dead skin, eliminating blackheads, unclogging blocked pores and control excess sebum production. They can also include natural ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree, mugwort, Centella Asiatica or snail mucin that will work by balancing the skin, preventing scars and blemishes, repairing and strengthening skin barrier as well as boost the skin’s cell regeneration abilities to help you achieve silky-smooth, trouble-free complexion!

In choosing the best Korean clarifying moisturiser for your skin, it is recommended to select a gentle, dermatologically-tested formula that is free from harsh chemicals which strip away moisture excessively. This is because dermatologically-tested formulas have been clinically tested and proven to alleviate various skin concerns that would commonly affect those with oily skin type.

Furthermore, the addition of harsh ingredients like drying alcohols, parabens, artificial fragrances and colouring can lead to other skin problems such as itchiness, irritation and increased sensitivity. As such, the best clarifying moisturiser should be one that is made with skin-friendly ingredients for maximum efficacy.

With the different types of textures found in clarifying moisturisers such as gel, emulsion, gel cream or cream, the selection of the formulation will come down to personal preference. All of these tend to be oil-free and non-comedogenic, yet still, provide enough nutrients and hydration that your skin will need o stay healthy and supple. Cream-based clarifying moisturisers will work better when the weather is colder and less humid, while those with gel-type texture is excellent for the warmer months to give the skin a cooling, soothing sensation that lowers the temperature and relieves inflammation.

A final tip in making the most out of your clarifying moisturiser and enjoying its benefits for your skin to the fullest is to follow a proper daytime and nighttime skincare regime that includes a face cleanser, toner, essence/serum/ampoule, and Korean clarifying moisturiser to keep skin concerns at bay! It will also be beneficial to regularly cleanse your skincare and makeup tools to prevent the buildup of bacteria and impurities. Find the best clarifying moisturiser Australia at BONIIK by exploring our range of Korean beauty brands.