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Korean facial masks come in a few different forms, with sheet masks and mask packs being the most commonly found types. Sheet masks are fabrics in cut out in the shape of a face and soaked in essences or serums to nourish the skin. The material used in sheet mask may vary, including cotton, paper, cellulose or gels. They are generally for one-time use only and come in individually wrapped packaging, making them convenient to carry around and to put on anytime.

Mask packs are viscous formulas that can be washed-off or applied to the skin as a leave-on mask. Wash off masks are designed to be applied to the skin for a duration of time to nourish and moisturise, before they are rinsed away. Leave-on masks can generally be used for several hours such as a sleeping mask, and can be used in lieu of a moisturiser when applied at the last step of your skincare routine.

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Looking for ways to make the most of your time at home? Or maybe you realise that it is about time you step up your skincare game with the use of different facial masks? We have carefully selected our favorite facial masks of all time that we know you will love! So let's give your skin its much needed pampering with these masks, after all self-care starts with a facial mask doesn't it?