Unlike essences, serums, eye creams and moisturisers that are used on a daily basis, masks provide more intensive benefits to the skin. Therefore, they can be used every now and then depending on your skin.

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Korean masks are also available in the form of hand and foot masks which deliver intensive moisture and nutrients to relieve dry, flaky hands and feet. These masks can come in the form of pouches that contain nourishing essences and put over your hands and feet like gloves and socks. Alternatively, they can also come in the form of richly texture balms and creams that wrap around your skin to repair dry, flaky skin.

Types of Korean Face Masks

Korean face mask Australia can come in different types, the most commonly found type of facial masks are:

  • Mask Sheet: One of the most popular Korean beauty products. They are usually made of fabric, gel or cellulose sheets that are cut out to fit the facial shape and contours. These sheets are then soaked in essences and applied to the face. Mask sheets do not generally require rinsing and the remaining essence can be gently pat to promote absorption.
  • Mask Pack: With viscous formulas that can be applied onto the skin like moisturisers and left on the skin for some time, before they are rinsed off. This allows the mask pack to deliver nutrients and moisture to the skin’s layers over a longer period of time compared to a mask sheet. Some mask packs also have physical or chemical exfoliants in them that will slough away dead skin cells, clear out pores and buff away rough patches.
  • Sleeping Mask: Cream or gel-type face masks that are applied instead of your night creams for a more intensive overnight skin treatment that will leave your skin well-rested, hydrated and luminous the next morning.
  • Lip & Eye Mask: Masks to deliver deep moisture to the most sensitive and delicate parts of your face. They can come in various forms such as wash-off mask packs, creams, or gel patches that have a gentle, non-irritating formula.
  • Nose Mask: Masks that come in the form of strips that fit snugly on the nose, or in the form of a wash-off mask pack. They are designed to target skin concerns that occur around the nose area such as blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores and oiliness.


Which is the best Korean Face Mask?

While there is no ‘best’ type of Korean face masks Australia, the choice of formulation and active ingredients will depend on your skin type, skin concerns and personal preference. Regardless of which Korean facial masks you choose, regularly applying a Korean face mask, Australia will work as a booster for your skin, delivering visible results beyond the reach of your daily Korean skincare routine!

How to choose the right Korean face mask for you

With a multitude of formulations designed to cater to different skin types and skin concerns, it is easy to find the best Korean facial masks to suit your skin’s needs. Korean face mask products will benefit everyone in that regard, and the type of face mask you choose is a matter of personal preference.

In selecting the right Korean facial masks for your skin, first, start by correctly identifying your skin type and skin concerns. If you have oily or combination skin, look for masks that are clarifying and hydrating in nature, with ingredients such as gentle exfoliators, tea tree, Centella Asiatica, green tea or aloe vera that boasts calming and hydrating benefits for your skin. They also leave a soothing, cooling sensation which is excellent in calming redness and inflammation especially for those with troubled, acne-prone skin.

For those with drier skin that require added hydration and moisture, it is recommended to select Korean facial masks Australia that is made with richer and moisturising ingredients to help retain moisture within the skin and strengthen the skin barriers, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, herbal ingredients and collagen. The incorporation of these ingredients can help increase skin elasticity, maintain its supple and soft texture for a visibly improved complexion.

When it comes to selecting the type of facial masks, it can be chosen based on your preference and lifestyle. For instance, if you prefer a hassle-free, an overnight treatment that will give your skin a boost when you wake up, opt for a sleeping mask that you can apply just before bedtime and wash off in the morning before starting your day! Alternatively, if you prefer to take time to pamper your skin and yourself during the day, mask sheets and mask packs are great options as they can be removed or washed off after some time.

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