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MIZON's tagline "creative beauty lab" believes in using natural ingredients to produce non irritable products that can be used by everyone. MIZON believes in beauty starts with science and uses the best quality ingredients to ensure that the skin is getting the most out of its products. One of their most popular product line is the Snail Repair line which uses snail secretion extract to moisturise, hydrate and combat aging signs.

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K-Beauty Holy Grail - Secretion of the Snail 🐌 :  MIZON | BONIIK Blog

K-Beauty Holy Grail - Secretion of the Snail 🐌 :  MIZON

Do you flinch when we tell you that you can apply snail slime or secretion on your face as part of your skin care routine? Or does the idea of having snails crawl directly on your face sound odd? But did you know, the use of snail secretion in skin care dates as far back to ancient Greece, where they were used as topical treatments to soothe skin inflammation? Today, they have made a major comeback as a Korean beauty trend with brands like MIZON adding this highly prized ingredient into their products.