Types of Korean eyeliner

There are a few commonly found types of Korean eye liner. Finding the best eyeliner for you will depend on your level of ability and the kind of makeup look that you are going after. While there is no single ‘best’ eyeliner product, there is a strong preference for Korean waterproof eyeliner that can withstand seasonal weather changes. Waterproof eyeliners also require less frequent touch-ups and will not smudge easily, keeping your makeup intact and looking fresh no matter the weather!


  • Pencil Eyeliner: Pencil eyeliners are the easiest type of eyeliners to apply, making them ideal beginners. Just like its name, they come in the form of a pencil with a soft tip that can be sharpened using an eyeliner sharpener. While this type of eye liners are convenient and easy to use, it is important to always keep them sharp before application as they do not spread or glide as smoothly as liquid eyeliners.

  • Pen-liner or Marker Eyeliner: Pen-liners or Marker liners stand in between a pencil eyeliner and brush eyeliner. They have a liquid formula that is coupled with a slightly harder, firmer tip that allows you to have more control over your Korean eye liner. They allow for more precision compared to pencil eyeliners, and easier to use than a brush or cream-type eyeliner. Korean pen eyeliners are suitable for everyone regardless of your level of ability in applying makeup

  • Brush Eyeliner: Brush eyeliners create the most precise and finest line when applied onto your eyes. They give a smooth, vivid finish in a single stroke and the tapered brush easily creates a ‘winged’ eyeliner look. With its flexible, thin brush that glides on your lash line effortlessly, liquid brush eyeliners are perfect for those looking for a quick, perfect eyeliner shape every time. Although they may take practice to perfect, liquid brush eyeliners provide the best results with great precision.

  • Gel or Cream Eyeliner: Gel or cream eyeliners come in the form of a pot with a thin brush. The advantage of this is that its gel or cream-type formula dries easily compared to a liquid eyeliner, which prevents the colour from ‘stamp’ on your eyelids after application. This type of eyeliner is also relatively easy to use as they glide smoothly and effortlessly to create fine lines along your lash line.


How to use Korean eyeliner?

Before applying any eye makeup product, it is important to first ensure that your eye area has been thoroughly cleansed with a proper lip and eye makeup remover. This will ensure that your eyelids are free from any impurities or excess sebum. To apply your eyeliner, start from the inner corner of your eyes and carefully draw a fine line towards the outer corner of your eye. It is important to use Korean eye liner with a sharp, precise tip for tighter-looking lines and prevent it from looking smudged or too thick.

Complement your overall eye makeup look by using eyeshadow to give your eyes a pop of colour or added dimension, mascara to lift and curl lashes for a livelier appearance, as well as an eyebrow pencil or tint to enhance your brows. For those with oily eyelids, smudging is a common problem even after using waterproof eyeliner. A tip to prevent your eyeliner from smudging is to top it with a small amount of black or dark brown Korean eyeshadow, this will help lock the colour into place. Apart from that, it is recommended to always curl your lashes before applying your best eyeliner.

Eyeliners are indeed excellent additions to any eye makeup routine. While they may be challenging to use in the beginning, they are relatively simple once you get the hang of using them. Not only will they make your eyes appear larger and livelier, but you can also use a combination of Korean eye liner colours to suit your style!

For example, adding white eyeliner along your lower lashline gives a cute, chic, doll-like appearance, whereas using neutral, nude colours along your waterline gives the illusion of awakened eyes. Experiment with different colours and see how each one gives a different look!

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