Face wash is probably the most commonly found facial cleanser. It works by clarifying your skin, removing impurities, exfoliating dead skin cells and keeping your skin feeling refreshed and clean. Face wash can come in various forms like bubble cleansers, cream formula, gel-type cleanser or even in powder form. The choice of face wash will vary depending on personal preference and your skin type.

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Enhance Your Cleansing Routine | BONIIK Blog

Enhance Your Facial Cleansing Routine

Ask anyone you know what the first step of their skincare routine is, and we can bet their answer would be cleansing. Regularly cleansing your face is an essential step to achieve healthy, smooth, glowy skin. Not only does cleansing remove impurities from your skin, it also boost your skin's absorption of nutrients from products that you apply.

Read more about how to select the best cleanser for your skin, and how we will transform this once dreaded chore to a treat for your skin!