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Spots and blemishes are among the most bothersome skin concerns faced by everyone, regardless of your age group and skin type. Get rid of bothersome spots with our selection of spot treatment products to suit your skin's needs, from cream and gel-based formula to patches that help conceal them while speeding up the skin's recovery process.



Who's Your Superhero to Fight Spots and Blemishes? | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in Australia

Who's Your Superhero to Fight Spots and Blemishes

Oh no, here they come again! These bothersome acne and blemishes! Can't they find another place to migrate to apart from my skin? And the worst part is that they leave unwanted scars and marks behind! OK, first things first, we need to understand the root cause of these blemishes. Blemishes appear when dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum get trapped inside the pores, causing inflammation and redness. While it may seem 'fun' or 'satisfying' to pick on them, you must never do so as it may eventually cause unwanted scars. If that's the case, what is the quickest and most effective solution to get them to pack up their bags and leave? Keep reading to find your new comrades-in-arms to fight blemishes and scars!